In the spirit of appreciating the poor turkeys that are giving their lives

I am going to try the blood donation again today. No antibiotics this time (not that they did me any good). If anything gets me this time, it will be that I haven't been all too interested in high-iron foods lately. I had to actually write a sticky note to remind myself to eat red meat this weekend. And I kind of ate it. But I'm not sure if it was enough. And even though I am not partaking in a Thanksgiving feast this year (I was able to politely decline invitations and I don't even feel bad about looking forward to a day of watching Nip/Tuck from the beginning and not gaining a couple extra pounds), I appreciate the spirit of the holiday, which I believe is not about us celebrating our thievery as a society, but is all about over-indulgence. Oh yeah, and being thankful for what we have (I like the modern twist because it's really hard for me to get behind the pilgrim thing....if you are a pilgrim and take offense to this, I am sorry).

Anyhoo, here's to all the turkeys. And if you think I am talking about you, you're probably right đź™‚

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