Further efforts in pursuit of a cure for crazy

You probably know that sunlight is medically necessary. There's the whole vitamin D thing, but there's other stuff too. I think that sunlight promotes the growth of sanity. Oh, someone is going to link to an article about this, I am sure. In normal Heather fashion, I don't really care HOW it works, I care IF it works. Anyway, I was prescribed full-spectrum lighting by my doctor. I'm not going to go into detail on the conversations between me and my health care providers. It's not that I wish to keep an air of mystery about me. It's just that, counter to what many of my closest friends (who know I am an over-sharer) think, I don't share everything here. Not even close.

But I am sharing that I was prescribed the rough equivalent of sunlight by my doctor. These are interesting times, and I truly hope that I didn't offend an ancient Chinese person at some point and have them wish this upon me. No worries...things are cool at work. But these are interesting times, nonetheless. I'm working it out. Now, I mean that literally, but later, I hope I'm "working it out" in a more fabulous fashion.

So under the heading of "working it out", my doctor prescribed me some light. If wearing one of those propeller hats worked, I would do it. If adopting a monkey with a hyperactive disorder would help, I would do it. Anyway, I went to our benefits website to see what I could find out about acquiring said lighting device. I ended up being referred to an ergo specialist who wanted to install full spectrum lighting in my office, but of course, I work from home. When I let her know that I work from home, she recommended that the cure could be sitting by a window and going for a walk during the day and I should try that. At the time, that cheesed me off. Then I observed why I was cheesed and now I just find humor in it. I'm now good that way (in pursuit of a cure for crazy). Um, my desk is already by a window and if observing the gray sky and bare trees were helpful, I would be the master of good spirits. And I would share my riches generously with you, my friends.

So then I explained to her that I have tried those things with no success and what I was hoping for was a light box. Now think about this: if I had let myself be cheesed off, the conversation would be over. But her response was more in line with "Oh! We can do that!". See how fruitful observing your emotions can be? Hmm. Something to think about. Anyway, my light box arrived today. Yay! and Woohoo! as well.

I just set it up and day-um. That is bright but I am sure it's something I can get used to. If I closed my eyes, it feels like sun, just without the heat and skin damage. But speaking of skin, I have to get rid of the mirror at my desk, which I generally use to ponder the state of my eyebrows during conference calls that have moved toward subjects that don't concern me. Because with the light box on, I am becoming acutely aware of everything that is wrong with my skin. But instead of letting it get me down, I am making an appointment with my aesthetician.

Comments (2)

  1. Looking for work.. says:

    Hopefully the feds don’t fly over and think a new grow-house has been set up!!  LOL!  Thanks for making me smile…again….maybe you are helping cure other peoples crazy….


  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hey, when the light is on, I feel like I am a beacon of crazy. Perhaps a foghorn is medically necessary as well!

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