My comfort zone definitely does not include mayonnaise

But it's good to get out of your comfort zone now and then. My friend Dave is one of the founders of J&D's Bacon Salt (which would have made it onto my good stuff list if I weren't talking about them here now), financed by America's Funniest Home Videos (at least some good has come from that show) and marketed virally (go ahead and take some time to search them's a little nuts). Anyhoo, speaking of nuts, in 2 weeks, they will be debuting their newest product, Baconnaise, in local QFC stores. Don't worry if you live outside the Seattle area as it will surely make it's way to you (my guess is via Kroger or QVC). So Dave and his partner Justin had a fund raising (non-profit) event on Thursday and there was mayo wrestling.  So let me tell you 2 things right now: if the thought of mayo makes you gag, look away, my friend. And also, if you are thinking this is a sexy thing, you are on the wrong website. It was totally unsexy. It was sick and wrong. And it was kind of awesome. So here are some of the pictures I took at the event:


Me and my bacon. He told me to grab him, I swear.


Vat of "mayo". Don't worry, that place would have stank if it was real. But the suggestion that it was mayo was just gross enough.

Bacon and mayo squaring off. They had the Seattle semi-pro wrestlers there. I don't get it but someone had to jump into the wring in those costumes!

Words I thought I would never type here. The mayo is down for the count. Long live the bacon!


I did go home with a couple jars of Baconnaise (well gave the full-fat ones to my friends and I took home the "light").



Comments (3)

  1. Programmerman says:

    Okay, bacon salt itself wasn’t enough to get me excited (despite being on Woot twice), but baconnaise might just do me in….  You really do know where to find The Goods. Or at least how to have them find you.

    It’s posts like this that remind me that this is the best blog ever.

  2. Programmerman says:

    You can let your friend Dave know that your blog has increased his sales, at least slightly, because it’s entirely responsible for me ordering this:

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Will do! I am just wondering why he didn’t tell me about the becon lip balm. Seems like something I should have tried already!

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