Putting an end to the crap mail and phone books

I'm trying to cut down on the paper that gets delivered to my house (Free Sunday Seattle Times? No, thanks). I think I already blogged about CatalogChoice, which has greatly reduced the number of catalogs I receive (though Victoria's Secret is relentless!). 2 More things I want to share to help you get rid of stuff that gets delivered:

Yellow Pages Goes Green - remove yourself from the lists of the yellow and white pages distributors in your area.

ProQuo - This one is really cool. It lets you manage your removal requests. You can stop receiving coupon packs and credit card offers, remove yourself from marketing lists (and brokers) as well as directories (like online yellow pages types). You can also add yourself to the "Do Not Call Register". In situations where you can be removed electronically, the site does it for you. In cases where you have to write a letter, it basically writes the letter so all you have to do is print and send. I'm so sick of shredding credit card offers. I can't wait until this kicks in.

Pretty excited to have found these!

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  1. DanF says:

    Now THAT is good stuff! I was just thinking about this today, you saved me at least an hour of browsing around. Thanks Heather 🙂

  2. SHobbs says:

    There’s a better way to remove yourself from telephone book delivery, go directly to the publisher (either their site or by phone) and opt-out.  Third-party lists aren’t accepted by most directory publishers for privacy reasons, the folks at the site you mentioned know that.  And the publishers don’t want to deliver books where they aren’t wanted.

    Many, many people still use the directory, even in the Seattle area , last year US consumers referenced the print Yellow Pages over 13.4 billion times.  It remains a strong producer of sales leads and new customers for small businesses across the country.

  3. Mike says:

    Umm, it does not look like the links you suggested are working-thanks for the great tips though…Google here I come!

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    DanF – I thought the same thing. I didn’t know where to go to get off of ALL those different lists.

    SHobbs – The yellow pages site does that for you; they notify your publisher that you don’t want to receive the books anymore. I didn’t say that nobody used them. Which phone book company do you work for?

    Mike – fixed the link. Thanks!

  5. Lauren Smith says:

    Man. No one sends me Victoria’s Secret catalogs. I have to make due with the Sears catalog…


  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Whatever helps you get by. Trust me, buy something online from them and yu will get catalogs regularly.

  7. Tracy says:

    This is awesome!  I just went to yellowpagesgoesgreen.org and opted out and then put the link on my Facebook page.  Sweet!  I consistently receive two sets of books–one on the porch and one in the driveway (we face two streets).  As for the publishers thinking that they don’t want the books where they’re not wanted–I don’t buy it. I’ve attempted to hand books back to the people who delivered them and basically told "tough, they’re yours now." Granted, these are distributors, but still, the books weren’t wanted and they immediately headed out the back door to the recycling.

  8. Wine-Oh says:

    One thing I noticed recently was that I ordered something from a catalog (that has a store) and my address had a typo in it. Now I get other catalogs with the same typo. So I know my name was sold on a list. I try very hard to opt out of things when I order online.

  9. HeatherLeigh says:

    Tracy – you should be able to file a littering complaint. I’ve thought that about the local newspaper here. I just have to put it in the recycle bin every time I get it.

    Wine-Oh, when I was in college, I had a credit card that had my dad’s name on it too. I still get mail addressed to both of us. It follows you!

  10. Ann Fowler says:

    You are awesome! I am putting an end to the phone book madness right now.

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