I’m predicting surgery (and I welcome it)

I’m super sick of going to the doctor. My sinus issues are going on week 6, I think? Done the antibiotics, multiple boxes of Tylenol Sinus, cough syrup, Nasonex. I think they call this chronic sinusitis (that’s my best guess). I looked on Web MD and I am guessing that it’s not Tuberculosis. I bet…


To celebrate Halloween, I’m bleeding

I didn’t think about the timing when I set the appointment, but today when I give blood, I am going to officially think of it as a Halloween celebration. So it’s strategic bleeding. As much as I love Halloween, I don’t do much. I have never been the type of person to wear costumes and…


Veal meet sunlight. Well, kind of.

OK, ok. I am a sucky blogger. I guess I have been pre-occupied. The reign of the month-long hacking cough is coming to an end. I braved the third world waiting room (no offense to the third world) of the urgent care office to get some meds. When I told the doctor I’d had it…


Putting an end to the crap mail and phone books

I’m trying to cut down on the paper that gets delivered to my house (Free Sunday Seattle Times? No, thanks). I think I already blogged about CatalogChoice, which has greatly reduced the number of catalogs I receive (though Victoria’s Secret is relentless!). 2 More things I want to share to help you get rid of…


Wow…the end is near.

I don’t want to hear that Microsoft is uncool ever again. To my knowledge, no Microsoft employees were involved in the making of THIS:   Anyway, I tried to imagine one of us, OK me, bopping around my friend’s rich daddy’s house in a bathing suit matching my friends (OK, my bathing suit bopping days…


I’ve stopped dating guys with cats

Because of those experiences, I can tell you, with almost absolute certainty, that this guy had it coming: See more funny videos and TBT Videos at Today’s Big Thing.  Besides, to me, it looked like he started it.


File under "disturbing for the holidays"

It would have been slightly less disturbing if they weren’t all lined up like a buffet (and if some of them weren’t passed out like they just took a shot of Nyquil). Hat tip to Defamer Speaking of which, my new “thing” is the best TV show that you aren’t watching. It’s called “Whatever, Martha!” Watch the…


Solving the mysteries of your youth

Like “what the hell was this about?”   See more funny videos and TBT Videos at Today’s Big Thing.


Blog Interview with Chad Hattrup of Pathwise Management

  Tell us a little about your background. What made you decide to go into the psychoanalysis field? I am a businessperson who made my way up the business food chain fairly quickly. I realized one day that my work was nothing more than exchanging dollars. The people I worked with, my relationships, were mainly…