Good stuff #2: Batter Blaster (and it’s organic!)

Discovered on my visit to Chicago (thanks Kim!) and then sourced at Fred Meyer when I got home.

Because mixing is hard. Mornings are foggy. Pancakes are good.

And because you want to crank this, when you make this.


"Just point, blast and cook!"



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  1. Wow, that’s quite innovative! How do they taste?

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    They taste good; like regular pancakes. Plus you can make however many you want and then put the blaster back in the refrigerator. I always hated making a "batch" of regular pancakes  because I could never eat that much. THis reduces waste. I sound like a commercial. I didn’t try to make waffles though. I don’t have a waffle iron. So I would be interested to hear if someone has and how they turned out.

  3. Wine-Oh says:

    Ok that invention is just wrong. Part of the fun of making pancakes is making them from scratch or the box. This invention will make people lazy. It will start a trend of other point and shoot food. Is it just me or was the invention of spray cheese the worst idea ever.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oh Wine-Oh, you and I have a different idea of what fun is. In my opinion, anything made from a "mix" is suspect anyway and  fair game for the point and shoot delivery method. Also, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for point and shoot hummus! (OK, just kidding on that one….I am actually going to try to make my own).

    In all seriousness, I’m not thrilled about the heftiness of the packaging. But I believe it should be OK in recyclables. I bet kids would love this. I introduced my friends’ kids to Jiffy Pop and they thought it was cool. So I think this would go over similarly.

    Are you actually together enough in the morning to actualy make pancakes from mix? I am impressed. Some mornings, it’s really difficult to get the frozen waffles into the toaster!

  5. Wine-Oh says:

    Point and shoot hummus? LOL. That would be dangerous to have around after a few drinks. People would start shooting it across the room silly string style.

    Call me old fashioned but I prefer making things from scratch when I cook. Not a fan of things you shoot out of an aerosol can. Somewhere Betty Crocker is very upset with the notion of spray waffles and pancakes.

    I am a breakfast on the go kind of person during the week (greek yogurt with honey or fruit). On weekends though when I am not in a rush and can sit and eat, on occasion I like a waffle or pancake.

  6. Wine-Oh says:

    PS I think you need to do a vlog demonstrating the "Batter Blaster" for all your blog readers. 🙂

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    OK, but just understand that Betty Crocker is not making things from scratch. I tend to be all one way or all the other. I’m usualy a breakfast on the go person too…usually a zone bar. Even on the weekends, I may be only able to muster the energy for point and shoot pancakes. Honestly, it tastes the same.

    Did you see they had a demo on their site?

  8. Wine-Oh says:

    I didnt, but I googled it and saw a YouTube clip of Regis and Kelly demonstrating it. Still think it will lead to other things in a can.

  9. some1'saunt says:

    I saw this stuff in a friend’s fridge once and I thought…..yuck…but if you say it’s good than I bet it is!  Hey you could sing your "pancake" song while you’re making these…..make a pancake, make make a pancake!

  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wine-Oh….I hope so! I should start a list of things I want in a can.

    Auntie – yeah, you would think the texture is weird but it’s not. Next time I come and visit we can give it a try and I promise to sing whilst I cook.

  11. --Lisa says:

    Oh… gross.  Sorry, Heather,  I can’t be with you on this one.  I’m more a "from-scratch person" generally, and this one is definately going too far for me.  Let me know when they get to the point and shoot hummus though.  I’d at least like to see the YouTube of that even if I wouldn’t actually eat it. 😐

  12. FlapJack says:

    Batter Blaster busts Guinness World Record with 76,382 pancakes cooked and served in an eight hour period. See the TV coverage:

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