I'm sick of people saying that Seinfeld isn't funny. At the very least, he is funny by association.


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  1. Harry Joiner says:

    To all the nay sayers about those ads:  I’m sorry, but those were funny.  Bill and Jerry came across as accessible and likable.  It’s a shame those ads got pulled.  I don’t know much about branding and positioning, but the ads made me like Microsoft more.  Wasn’t that the point?

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    The ads got pulled? I am so out of the loop!

    My impression is that the ads were more for branding. The people that didn’t get how the ads make people buy software didn’t understand the concept of brand advertising and that it was a series of ads. Whatever. At least they were talking about them.

    And BillG does a mean robot.

  3. Michael L says:

    Ok, when you say that Seinfeld is funny. Hey I totaly think that he is. I watch his shows all the time. I almost have all of the shows that he made…write back asap

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