Why do I get so much pleasure out of food drives?

We are doing a food drive in conjunction with our upcoming company meeting. We tend to have these from time to time as well as book drives (I'm saving the books from the 7 years olds book club to donate). Aside from helping other people, there's a sense of satisfaction that I get from these drives. Here's why.

I have buyers remorse with grocery shopping. I've been getting better, but I find that I have a couple issues with buying food items that end up being unwanted:

1) I'm a sucker for novelty. I just bought those little mini cakes that you bake Ianthe microwave because I wanted to try them (not bad). So there's that little impulse thing going on.

2) I buy things for just in case. My just in cases fall into two categories. First there the entertaining just in case (which means I have to have frozen meatballs, kid wine, jiffy pop, tapenade....the list is really ridiculous). My second just in case is for the end of the world as we know it. That black out 2 years ago felt like the end of the world, but there was no reason to break out the rations. But I did let my very conservative father scare me into having an extensive emergency kit (canned goods, check; TP, check; crank powered radio, check). I was lured into paranoia but you never know....just in case.

3) I can't say no to sauce.This is where you find out how truly crazy I am. I have a whole lazy susan shelf in my kitchen filed with sauce. If something says spicy or thai or mexican, I must own it. And if it's good, I should probably have 2 so I'll pick up an extra one....just in case. Sauce is what lets you turn simple kitchen staples into a meal, people. Just say yes to sauce! OMG, what if they run out? Maybe I should buy more?

4) Though I am the only eater in this house (let's assume that the dog doesn't come into play here), I will do the stock up thing on things I buy repeatedly. TP, whole wheat pasta, pita bread, zone bars. So needless to say that it adds to the kitchen situation. Wait, you want some whole wheat pasta with some sauce? No problem! See how this works? It's crazy but it's smart, right?

So the food drives really allow me to stand back and assess the craziness. When you are giving it away to someone in need, it's easy to say "I probably didn't need 6 boxes of the onion soup mix". And this bottle o' sauce has been here for 6 months... so it might just be safe to donate it. Because I got all this other sauce here. I actually muster up the buyers remorse and use it as an advantage.

Yeah, so I have probably spent too much time thinking about this, but when I saw the notice that we are doing a food drive, I started to analyze how I got to be a food collector. Hey, that meditation may really be working. Anyway, maybe I can encourage more MS employees to do a little purge and donate (purges feel good)? Bins will be available at the bus pickup locations as well as Safeco field. Release yourself from the bondage of grocery over-indulgence. Or is it only me that has such a dramatic relationship with the grocery store?

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