You can take the girl out of Chicago (and Los Angeles)

I have to admit that I am still perplexed by the weather here. Either my memory bank resets once a year or I'm just not a quick learner. I definitely know I am not fashion challenged (OK, well maybe once in a great while when I get too experimental). You can totally not predict what the weather is going to be like during the day based on what the weather is like in the morning. I think that it has something to do with the hottest time of day here being 5PM (just in time for that commute home. Yippee for A/C!). Other places I have lived, it has been known to be hottest closer to noon time.

Given the distance between the waking time and the hot time, I cannot, for the life of me, pick out a reasonable outfit. I now understand people that keep flip-flops in their car for reasons other than those relating to a pedicure. Keep in mind, that I don't really get dressed all too early (I admit it, I usually get dressed around 10 or 11). I have this weird sweaty leg thing going on when I sleep. I think it has something to do with something I am taking for my insomnia and frankly, given that my current regimen is working pretty darn well, I'm not messing with it. So I'll be putting up with the sweaty legs (weirdest side effect evar! And no it's not early menopause). Then after getting out of bed, I get cold. Every morning, I get cold. Especially my feet. If my feet could complain, they'd start with the hot, then the cold and then they'd move on to the crappy pedicure, then they'd walk me right over to the nail salon. I don't have time for that.  OK, so then I let the dog out and it's feeling cold outside.Not like frost on your nose hairs cold, but chilly (notice I said "your" nose hairs, not mine. There are many indignities to aging but for me, nose hair has not been one of them).

So when I get dressed, I put on a cotton shirt and cardigan, a cotton asymmetrical skirt, knee socks and boots (oh yes I did...who wants to dress their age anyway? Wait a minute, is this one of those indignities? Is this what Oprah calls a light bulb moment? Damn.). Remember my feet are cold. Or at least they were. Then I am driving around and stopping at Victor's this afternoon for coffee and I'm thinking what the? All these people are in shorts and flip flops and they are all much more comfortable than I am (though I am rocking cute boots). And then I realize that they are this strange species referred to as "locals"; subspecies can be categorized by the brand of fleece they wear, their footwear and their affinity for outdoor sports even when it's raining. Trust me, I'm an expert at spotting these locals. Their clothing is so "sensible."

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