Passive Aggressive with style

Don't even bother going here unless you have a good amount of time to kill. People must be under some serious pressure to actually leave passive aggressive notes like these (no, I never have). They certainly did not spend the morning meditating. Fortunately, while these people spent time mentally crafting their diatribe, many were quite creative. And some of them are just so crazy, that they are pure entertainment (camel fleas anyone?).

I will admit that there are some issues in my neighborhood that someone could seriously get passive aggressive about. I can't quite muster the aggressive part but these things bother me. I'm getting better at letting them go. Do I like the fact that someone in the neighborhood is growing corn in their front yard and one always seems to have a hoopty on blocks (and saggy jeans teenagers smoking and acting like thugs)? Nope. But I am not on a campaign or anything (and I secretly hope that maybe these folks will move somewhere else).

I do have to admit though, that when a new neighbor moved into the rental next door, I couldn't help openly complaining about people parking their RVs on the street (what is up with these people? I have never seen this anywhere else). Oops, didn't know that he had an RV (used to live around the corner and he actually had the electricity running out to it...sigh). There is something to be said for complaining though. He is now storing it at a friends house. If it was parked outside, it would have driven me nuts (like the previous neighbors who parked a non-running car outside my house for months). I would have subtly joked (shamed?) him into moving it. But I definitely would NOT have left a note.

Comments (4)

  1. Programmerman says:

    This is part of the "sharing ‘the good stuff’" you talked about a couple days ago, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hah! You know I didn’t think about that but I suppose it is.

    What I want to do is study the correlation between aggressive note leaving and the inability to spell "you’re" correctly.

    This is such good stuff.

  3. wine-oh says:

    Love that site.  Good lunch time reading when eating at my desk.

    My other new favorite site is

  4. tod says:

    Passive aggressiveness only breeds frustration, just speak up.

    When my neighbor first moved in years ago, he parked his big moving truck (one of those 25 foot long things with an electric liftgate) in front of my house.  When it didn’t move for a week I just talked to him (nicely mind you).  He now parks it in his driveway.  It’s still an eyesore, but at least I don’t see it every time I look out my front window. Turns out he’s a nice guy and even offers to take stuff to the dump for me every time he goes (with his big truck).

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