Dear Mother Nature, What planet am I on?

Whoah, interesting weather weekend. When I hear the weather folks here talking about the "extreme heat", I have to laugh a little bit. I like heat. I like to sweat; it feels very cleansing. Plus, there is nothing like a cold salad and a glass of Chardonnay on a hot summer day. Of course, that's not exactly how my weekend went down. I did make a beer butt chicken though.

I do this thing on weekends when I don't have significant plans. My very active brain starts taking inventory of projects. I'd have a hard time just sitting around: nothing on TV, can only do so much reading at a time (just finished James Frey's 'Bright Shiny Morning' and it was awesome!). Me to self: "what insane project can I accomplish this weekend?" Oh, many an obsessive project has begun this way. I wanted to be outside and sweat; I wanted to have something to show for it at the end of the weekend.

Sometimes, I think my garage looks like that commercial where the guy drives his car into a precisely car-shaped space in his garage among all the junk. I did a little cleaning when I bought my beast, but there was so much more to do. Plus, I have enjoyed the purging. Plus I still had some stuff in the garage from several owners ago (roofing tacks? Anyone?). And I had some stuff I needed to wheel out to the curb and stick a "free" sign on. This is something I love about my neighborhood: people will show up and take away your treadmill and your hose caddy for you!

I totally purged my garage. I sorted everything into bins, I hosed the concrete, I wiped stuff down, I made a huge pile for the waste management guys and made a big trip to the local charity drop-off.It took me a day and a half and when it was done, I got out the label-maker. Those of you that aren't thinking "cool!" are thinking I am nuts. And I did this all on the hottest day (well, day and a half) of the year. Purge junk and sweat your butt off: check!

I keep walking into the garage to enjoy my work. Did I mention my label maker?

Anyway, it was sunny and in the 90s this weekend. It was actually a little humid as well, which was odd. My asthma was kicking when I ran (yes, I am one of those nut jobs that will run on hot days. Did I mention I like to sweat?). I had multiple fans on in the bedroom to sleep. I kept checking Jonas' water bowl. It was H-O-T.

Last night, I could totally sleep (which if you've been following my blog is remarkable just based on my sleep patterns). And this morning it is 65 degrees and rainy (my grass is thankful). A thirty degree temperature difference overnight. I'm not really a glass half full kind of a person. When the glass is half empty, I'm wondering where the next drink is coming from ("waiter!"). But as much as I enjoyed the heat this weekend, I am also enjoying the rain and breeze and temperature today. And I'm thankful that today's weather didn't really happen until I got all my stuff done.

I did a meditation on gratitude late last week. It's amazing how many things you can be thankful for when that is all you think about for 15 minutes. You realize you are thankful for things that you never really thought about before. And so I am wondering if maybe that has carried over to today. I am thankful for the hot weather, the cool weather and the water that falls from the sky. And most of all, I am thankful for my kick-ass, super clean garage.

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