The earth may have fallen off its axis

I just don't understand how to explain why this makes me like Paris Hilton just a little tiny bit. I'm thinking about wearing a hoochie dress and hair extensions to watch the convention.

I also don't understand why John McCain says he watches The Hills, but his ads reflect negatively on Britney and Paris. At least they are interesting. The Hills, not so much.

It's getting weird so early. And Paris Hilton just totally one-upped John McCain. Dude.

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  1. RJD says:

    >I’m thinking about wearing a hoochie dress and hair extensions to watch the convention.

    You’ll post photos, right?

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    RJD – that would be a big "no", but I am thinking of making a social occassion out of it.

  3. Parul says:

    Thanks for posting, i’d missed out on this bit of news altogether! I couldn’t stop laughing.

    I’m with RJD, you must post the pictures!

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    I’m pretty sure I don’t have anything hoochie enough.

  5. mdapsauski says:

    Here’s why the whole thing is awesome:

    1.) It turns out that Paris (or her PR people, but she gets credit anyway for having the right people) has a good sense of humor.  One point for her!

    2.)  The McCain campaign responded to her ad!  Seriously, who’s in charge over there?  The original ad was asinine, but then to respond by calling Obama a celebrity again is just over the top.  Minus one point for McCain.

    As an aside, McCain said his wife would make a great Miss Buffalo Chip at the Sturgess biker rally.  As it turns out, it seems that Mrs. McCain would have to, er, shed some clothes in order to qualify for the contest.  Minus one extra point for McCain for lack of research.

    Paris 1, McCain -2.  All in all, not the best week ever for Senator McCain.

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Well, I think he said the thing about watching The Hills without knowing what it was too. I do wonder if he’s completely out of touch; not what I’d be looking for in a president. And someone on his campaign staff should be fired for that ad. When you put something "edgy" out, you definitely have to anticipate some of the risks.

    YOu know if they put out something viral and innovative and creative, people would have reacted differently.Right now he just looks like a name caller.

  7. mdapsauski says:

    Good point about the Hills.  It seems that McCain trying to position himself as an "everyday guy" that watches TV, likes biker rallies and rejects "eliteism".  I think that position is a mistake.  The United States is one of the most advanced and powerful nations on the planet, and I don’t want "just some dude" at the controls.   I want our leader to be the absolute best we have to offer as a country.

    I’m not saying that McCain is not qualified, nor am I saying that Obama is.   I am simply suggesting that McCain should move beyond both the mudslinging and the "aw, shucks/regular guy" campaign.  

  8. RJD says:

    >I’m pretty sure I don’t have anything hoochie enough.

    Remember who your audience is!  Like we could judge an outfit on its hoochie merits.  Clothes area ternary operation for geeks–true, false, or ambivalent.  Pretty much all of our clothes fall into "ambivalent", hoochie dresses on hotties are "true", spandex on fatties is "false".

  9. HeatherLeigh says:

    mdapsauski – well said. I totally agree. It all seems like positioning and it doens’t ring true.

    RJD – sorry I will have to disappoint you. My summer uniform is pretty much jeans, ballet plats and a top (and not a hoochie one). Guess I don’t look for much attention in that way.

  10. RJD says:

    I’m sure that all falls into the "true" bucket.

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