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Now that my new blog header is up (can you see it now?), it's time to have some fun. The guys over at Pragmatic Marketing have published their book, Tuned In. And yeah, I am mentioned briefly (I'm on page 169-170). I've already heard good things about the book and it seems that they are doing very well on Amazon. Congrats, guys.

Anyway, the fun part. I wanted to do a contest to give away some of the books. So here it is: come up with the new tagline for the top of my blog keeping in mind target audience and value proposition (and that I don't just support marketing anymore but all roles at MS). I'll pick a winner. Graham, my contact over at Pragmatic Marketing will pick a winner and we can do a readers choice winner if there are enough entries. I'll have some extra copies for honroable mention as well.

 Drop your entries into comments below. I'll let you know when I am going to bring the contest to a close.



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  1. Greg Lucas says:

    Great Idea Heather…I will have to think of some today…

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    I’m all for it.

    One question, is the current tag-line "One Louder"?

    (Or Quasi-Marketer and Truth-Teller…)

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    quasi-marketer, truth-teller

  4. Dave says:

    Microsofting, Recruiting, Marketing, and proof that there is life in the Suburbs of Seattle.

  5. Dave says:

    I have a dog. He likes Dog-food. I feed him by working at Microsoft. Want a job?

  6. Dave says:

    Living at Microsoft vicariously through me!

  7. Immediate Me


    Heather being Heather

    email me at czgonzales at gmail.com

    love yr blog

  8. greg lucas says:

    Microsoft E-Connection

    Helping you get in

    Hard Truth for a Soft Company

    Recruiter Connection

    Marketer Resource

    Microsoft…Come aboard

    Heather…helping you get to Microsoft

    Your Dream job assistant

    Welcome to Redmond

    Learn how to Market youself

    Helping you Market yourself

    Different ways

    A fresh approach

    A gold mine of information

    Mommy of New Hires

  9. Steve Yi says:

    Mistress of Truthiness, Sensei of the Marketing Dojo

  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    haha…you  guys don’t disappoint. Keep ’em coming. You know I love the funny ones!

  11. Garry Trinder says:

    Heather Hamilton, Microsoft Staffing Manager fueled by Community hunger for inspiration, creativity and integrity.

  12. Ray says:

    All things Microsoft and many that aren’t.

  13. RJD says:

    Following with the "Tuned In" theme, I was going to suggest "Turned On", but that’s likely to take us in directions we don’t want to go with this blog.

    One of the favorite phrases here in Pittsburgh is "It is what it is."  Depending on your definition of "it" and "is" are, it could be as profound as it is useless.  And that’s such a great metaphor in itself.

  14. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yeah, RJD, that direction wouldn’t be good.

    Maybe: "depending on what your definition of ‘is’ is" Profound + useless is perfectly my style!

  15. Michael Favro says:

    I think your post of your new job responsibilities wrote the new tagline itself…"now with more global goodness"!

  16. Greg Lucas says:

    International woman of mystery…and marketing!!

  17. Garry Trinder says:

    The trendy word across Microsoft is "So".

    (Listen to any Channel 9 or 10 video.)

    That being said, it would need to be:

    So, Heather Hamilton is.

    Back to reality…

    Got to thinking about my tagline;

    "Thirst" would work better than "hunger".

    Fueled by a thirst for excellence in the worldwide community.

  18. JP says:

    Derek did a great job — the new header makes a HUGE difference! Seriously. Fine example of how a small detail can make a big impact…now I’ll throw out one more detail to consider: Ditch the other "One Louder" in the top left corner…?  

    The tag?  Hmmm.  

    Microsoft’s personnel amp for blowing the dust off potential human resource markets around the globe


  19. JP says:

    Actually, I like what Michael Favro said about "now with more global goodness!"  

    OK – that’s it for me. Good luck all!


  20. JP says:

    OK – last one. I’m finally packed for my trip and my glass of red is almost gone.  I really like "Tuned In" for your header, too!  (even tho that’s not part of the contest). Because you ARE tuned in, Heather! That’s why you’re so good in your role(s) at Microsoft.  Don’t you have to be especially "tuned in" to people to do your job?  😉    

    But I still like the "amp" thing to — especially with your hair.

    G’night folks.

  21. HeatherLeigh says:

    JP – I’ll try to figure out how to get rid of it, but I think it may be a default setting. I can’t even bear to pretend I’m technical!

  22. RJD says:

    How about just "sometimes(profound,useless)"?  Sort of a geeky math joke there, too.

    I use "Sometimes technical, sometimes not, never a kitty."  What could be worse than that?

  23. Greg Lucas says:

    "You don’t find MIcrosoft,I find you"

    "Looking for you"

  24. Krishna Manda says:

    "Prove me you aint the one I’ll weed out"

  25. Greg Lucas says:

    "I cant sleep, but I can help you get into Microsoft"

  26. mark allen roberts says:

    talk soft and carry big solutions

  27. Amanda says:

    One louder …… hmmmn …. how about

    ‘Hot Lady … Hot Jobs’

    ‘Strut your Stuff’

    ‘Show us your Stuff’

    ‘Give and Take’

  28. the voice of marketing resources and solutions

  29. Lois Palumbo says:

    Heather Hamilton is a Staffing Manager, Microsoft Employee Evangelist –  Blogging so you have yet another distraction from getting your work done!

  30. HeatherLeigh says:

    We’ll close it out on Friday. I already have some favorites.

  31. Michael says:

    One Louder

    ..Speaking in Actions

    One Louder

    ..and Louder, and Louder, …

    One Louder

    ..Heather Hamilton Blogs on Why It Isn’t So Hard To Be Big On Microsoft

    One Louder

    ..Escape is Futile

    One Louder

    ..Raising the Volume on Microsoft

    One Louder

    ..Raising the Volume on MS 101.5

    .. and I suppose this one is for the homerun 🙂

    One Louder

    ..Raising the Volume for All Those Tuned In

  32. "Blog softly, but carry a big schtik."

    "Read.  Learn.  Repeat."

    "One at a time…"

    "All it takes is one."

    "A tree grows in Redmond."

    "Smile…  You’re @ Microsoft!"

  33. Bill Bartelt says:

    Tales from my semi-amped life.

  34. David says:

    In keeping with the "one louder" theme, how about:

    "perfection is the destination, imperfection is the journey"

    or the classic:

    "It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever"

  35. Helping Microsoft find 11’s.  That’s….

    (leverage ONE LOUDER)

  36. Steve says:

    Turn On. Tune In. Take Off. Even gotta cartoon graphic for you


    I don’t need the book though. Already have it.

    Congrats on being in te book


    Steve Kayser

  37. Karl Kleinbach says:

    Let’s revisit a former Microsoft tagline…

    "Where Do You Want To Go Today?"

    Seems fitting on several levels.

    or try…

    "Who Do You Want To Be Today?"

    "Who am I today?"

    Another approach…

    -Inside and outside

    -Ins and outs

    -Word soup

    -Try and keep up

    -Can you hear me now

    -Just because I can

    – Somebody stop me!

    And I’ll use that as my que to stop the brain dump.


  38. Karl Kleinbach says:

    Dang it, couldn’t stop!

    Spinal tap quotes to consider:

    It’s such a fine line between stupid, and clever. (David St. Hubbins)

    Where can you go from there? Where? (Nigel Tufnel)

    Quite exciting, this computer magic! (Viv Savage)

  39. some more taglines to ponder:

    Staff Injections.


    Staff. Infectious.


    Infectious Staff.


    Always looking for the next one

  40. Patt Kelly-Pollet says:

    Just saw The Who live and it occurred to me what a great audio as well as text tag it could be for you:

    One Louder wants to know Who Are You–I want to know!

    With Daltry pitching in the background–winner winner chicken dinner!

    Rock on sister,


  41. Rick Moy says:

    I already have the book, so this one’s for fun:

    "Musings from the Microsoft Staffing Siren"

  42. JP says:

    So, who won "Tuned In?" Is the contest over?  

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