Rogue marketing by-passing the filter of good taste?

OK, I wouldn't exactly call Burger King the beacon of good taste in America, but this is just mind-blowing.


Follow the link to Idea Sandbox. The comments are hilarious.

So I have 3 problems with this:

First, I realize that different people find different things funny. I think that Jim Carey is un-funny and I find Jon Stewart quite funny. You may feel differently. But this thing by BK is a very specific kind of funny and I'm guessing appeals mostly to young adult males. If they could have isolated the content to that target market, that would have possibly made a little sense. But just imagine the uncomfortable conversation a parent has with his child in the airport when the child asks why the onion looks so worried (and let me just tell you the joy I am experiencing imagining someone searching "worried onion" and finding my blog...whee!). I'm not about recommending that people shelter their kids from everything, but it should be the parents choice whether to expose their kids to stuff like this. Just because it's a cartoon, doesn't make it OK. In fact it makes it worse; cartoons attract kids.

Second, is really about the crapiness of the marketing itself. Specifically, associating Burger King with body cavity searches and hookers doesn't exactly give you a good feeling about the food. In fact, the message about quality ingredients really gets lost here. I mean, really, do you want to think about produce with boobs? What the?

And third, it's not funny enough to get positive viral juju. I'm imagining someone cleaning out their desks at corporate after they see all the feedback come back on this campaign. Yeah, BK, this is crap.

I feel like I also have to say that I am far from a prude. My friends that know me offline can tell you that. Yeah, I admit that the language and subject matter gets cleaned up here on my work blog. Whose wouldn't?

Anyway, I am not "outraged"...I'm not the moral police. But I do know what I find distasteful for public consumption and this fits the bill.


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Comments (4)

  1. wisemx says:

    We must be related. 😉

    I also find Jim Carey is un-funny and Jon Stewart quite funny.

    You’re the best. Encore!

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yes, but how do you feel about parades? 🙂

  3. wisemx says:

    I don’t like Parades but I am often called to serve in them, primarily because people love seeing muscular men on Harleys.

    Probably need help with this one because I am more reserved than show.

    I also think women are beautiful without the makeup, which isn’t that much different that Parades, is it? 🙂

    My lovely wife has asked me to not stress our daughter over such things. LOL

  4. Ray says:

    Doesn’t exactly make me "Hungry For Burger King Now……"  The Idea Sandbox comments are great.  I don’t know anyone who didn’t find the new "King" character EXTREMELY creepy.

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