I silently pity the blog trolls

Not just mine, but blog trolls everywhere. First of all, I have a thick skin. But when I get a troll comment, the first thing that comes to mind is how much I pity the troll (I say in my Mr. T voice). Seriously, how miserable must someone's life be to find pleasure in leaving nasty anonymous comments? Feeling insecure? Out of control? Dog ignoring you?  Pretty girl break your heart in high school? Ugly girl break your heart in high school? Doesn't hurt my feelings at all when people that don't know me hurl lame insults.

But on some level, I do sense that you are desperately seeking my acknowledgment (what does that feel like, by the way?). Seems sad to me. But here. You have it. Although I delete your little attempts at nastiness, you have my acknowledgment. You are so far superior to me that you have the time to read my blog regularly and come up with delightful little snippets of crap.

Congratulations. You're a superstar.

(I'm still feeling the afterglow of yoga....so totally feeling super relaxed and happy about me)

Comments (4)

  1. wisemx says:

    You should see the junk my blogs get.

    Both are labeled "#1 Microsoft Fan"

    So guess who comes knocking? 🙂

    Ah well, let’s at least toast to your victory.

     Your pal,

       Mark Wisecarver

       #1 Microsoft Fan

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Haha. Yeah, mine just makes nasty personal comments, none of which I identify with so it doesn’t make me angry, just annoyed to have to moderate so closely.

    I do wonder what it’s like for them to be so angry inside. That must be miserable.

  3. Jeff Jenkins says:

    Good article, and I concur. I guess most bloggers have had to put up with blog trolls at some time or another. It’s amazing how low some people can go, especially when they think they can remain anonymous.

  4. rachel says:

    great article. i have one that chimes in once in a while.

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