Want it? Need it? Gotta get it?

I guarantee that there is a Microsoft employee with one of these in their home (the one on the left). I'm experiencing a little cognitive dissonance with the arm ink though. Perhaps I should have looked more closely at the souls lined up in front of the Cinerama last time a Star Wars moving came out. You know those guys with the man barbies of Han Solo and stuff?

As sure as I am of that, I am also convinced that there is an alarming percentage of my blog readers that just said the word "awesome!" out loud to their computer screen.

Comments (2)

  1. wisemx says:

    Very cool.

    My lovely wife already knows I want my final ashes placed in one of those cool Harley gas tanks.

    woot: http://www.motorcyclememorials.com/

  2. mike wood says:

    The R2 looks to small to be useful. IF anyone has one, I bet they don’t put garbage in it.

    Now, I like the ink refills and the fact that the shirt matches the canister. Is that the secret unlocking mechanism: you can only get in if you are colour coordinated? 🙂

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