Technical Community Network Communications Specialist (the kind of job title that explains why we use acronyms so much here)

You know I always hesitate to plop job descriptions in here. Because, you know, despite my actual job, I find job descriptions (yawn) boring. The words "necessary evil" come to mind, but I don't really believe things can be evil. Maybe they are just a "necessary drag". I'm sure hiring managers feel the same way, if not more so. Ah, eventually the industry will smarten up and adopt something more exiting. Or maybe someone will be brave enough to use the words "kick ass" in a job description. Baby steps.

But anyhoo, I thought this job looked cool and I figured that just this kind of person might be reading my blog. Are you? If so, shoot me a resume ( and I'll get it to the recruiting team.

The Technical Community Network (TCN) team is focused on creating an intentional culture of trust, excitement, belonging, growth, purpose and transparency across the senior technical community at Microsoft.  This group is currently looking for a Communications Specialist who will be responsible for the development of written communication from teams to the TCN membership . In addition outreach into the membership to gather information which may be used to inform the effectiveness of TCN programs and events. Coordination and partnership with the TCN web development team for website content management of incoming and outgoing communications including interviewing key senior technical people with the TCN will also be conducted. In addition you will be assisting the Communications manager and HR Connections PM with meeting management, presentation development and management of meeting notes. Assisting with Behind the Code production.

The ideal candidate will have:
*Experience with effective communication to high level technical contributors and managers
*Proven presentation and written communication skills using PowerPoint, Visio, Word and Excel.
*Successful experience conducting interviews with technical contributors and management.
*Cross group and cross company collaboration for a common goal
*Thorough knowledge of Microsoft culture, organization, products and communication protocol.
*5 years of business experience in communications
*BA/BS degree in Business, Marketing, Communication, HR or related degree



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