Now with 73% more photographic goodness

I did that focus group for Sunset Magazine last week. Although I would have talked for free about something that I like so much, the money was for putting on make-up and getting in my car. Anyway, as we talked about the magazine, what we like  and don't like, it occurred to me what a visual person I am. Some of the pther folks talked about the articles and whether they connected with the people in them. When I read a magazine, I'm in self-indulgence mode. I don't necessarily want to "connect", I want to be a better me; a better cook, have a nicer house, have better work-outs, etcetera. I really responded to the pictures in a magazine. In fact, when I am feeling over-burdened by my stack of un-read magazines, I become much more of a skimmer. I'll read something that catches my eye, but mostly I look at pictures; to appreciate them and to get ideas. I'm a big fan of the "inspiration photo". I have a "home notebook" woith a bunch of these kinds of shots; many of which have helped me decorate my home (my bedroom decor came from a kitchen photo).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I don't think pictures are about words. You can appreciate them much more if you try not to put words to what you see; stop describing to yourself and just appreciate. So I decided to start taking more pictures this summer. I'll post them with little or no commentary. Just for fun. And I am getting accustomed to carrying my camera with me so if I am doing something picure worthy, then I'll have shots to share with you.

I have an old manual Canon that my dad gave me for photography class. It's in the attic. I may even think about bringing it down (though the idea of taking film in is a little daunting). For now, I'll use my little Sony. 

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