Juicing cows



I have to admit that I have become a little addicted to the Power-C Vitamin water. As much as I eschew (hee...vocab. Check it) sugar as a general rule, I fear it less than I used to. In fact, right now I am drinking Gatorade Grape FIERCE (Bold! Intense! Flavor!). I will allow it here and there. In fact, I am pretty convinced that I just got over this last sinus infection (not sure why so many lately...global warming?) with Tylenol, Gatorade and a neti pot.

Anyway, the dirty hot dog flavor sounds kind of appealing to a Chicago girl. I'm good at compartmentalizing when it comes to hot dogs. I distract my mind from what they are made of (lalalala....don't need to know!) because I love them so much. True story. And if you were to go to Demon Dogs and get a good one and it accidentally fell on the ground and you kind of brushed it off and ate it anyway, I'd tell you that you are probably bolstering your immune system in so many ways. A little street funk never hurt anybody; especially when combined with pig snouts.

Tip: Brand Flakes

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