Last notes from the airport

My flight was canceled and nobody told me (helloooo....Amex Travel?), so here I sit in the Sydney airport for an extra 3 hours. So I'll blog. I had some things that weren't worth a full blog post, just random notes.

Uggs as a fashion statement? Still totally alive and well in Australia. They seem to also like the scrunched down boots that were fashionable in the states a few years ago.

I miss peanut butter. A lot.

Twelve days is a long time to be traveling alone. I always get like this at the end of a trip; totally ready to get home. I was ready yesterday. Seemed I brought the Seattle weather with me.

There are some merits to traveling alone, though, I must say. I needed a little "me" time.You know, time to just be inside my head. I got that here. Plus, I just got to do what I wanted to do. And the people here are so friendly, you don't feel alone alone. I got to see things I always wanted to see.And I rediscovered reading. I know that sounds silly, but I used to love to read so much and haven't had time for it. i found time for it here (finished 2 books) and it was wonderful.

But I am also super excited to settle into my seat on the plane and have a glass of wine and take a little nap (that is optimistic, isn't it? I almost slept through the night last night).Tomorrow at this time, I will be home, doing laundry (WHEE!).

Awesome trip.

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