Australia Travel Log: Day Seven

OK, right seven. And it's sunny outside. Good thing because this is the day of the reef tour. I get ready and slather myself head-to-toe with sunscreen (big improvement, bug spray to sun screen). Bus pick-up at 8 Am. Big bus. Drive up to Port Douglas. Note to self: next time, stay in Port Douglas. Much more my style than Cairns. Anyhoo.

I am not going to be able to do this day justice in print. Get to Port Douglas and hop on the Quicksilver 5, a huge boat. Catered lunch, full bar, etcetera. About 1.5 hours out to the pontoon. This is a pontoon, kids.

It's a floating structure where you tie up the boat. It was big, had snorkeling platforms, an observatory. Seriously, it was ridiculous. Best just to show pictures, I think.


Windy on the way up!

Funny old guys modeling their stinger suits.


Lookin' kinda buff there. Yikes. Um, yeah, you know what else I did? Went for my first helicopter ride. Hah! I am not even kidding! Just had a glass of wine and I was ready for lift-off!

That last one was taken by the pilot while has was flying. Safe? Maybe not. Love that one!

Yeah, you know. 🙂

Back to the hotel. Chardonnay. Little sunburn. And back to Sydney tomorrow! Whee!


Comments (3)

  1. Hi,

    I hope day seven was great..!!!

  2. Bad_Brad says:

    Awesome … looks like you had a blast.  Australia is definitely on my list for the long-term as a tourist destination.

  3. Ahmed says:

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