Australia Travel Log: Day Five

I'm behind! I'm behind! I'll get to answering comments tonight. A'ight?

Day 5 was flying from Sydney to cairns. First time my sleep schedule worked in my favor. About 4 hours of sleep and up with plenty of time to get ready and pack for my trip to Cairns. Packed up my carry-on and stored my luggage at the hotel. Don't laugh. I always say I never carry on, but I'm south of the equator, where rules are made to be broken (OK, I don't know, I just made that up).

A little freaked that nobody checked my ID at the airport. They also didn't seem to care about my meticulously packed quart sized bag of 3 ounce liquid bottles. Hmmph.Flew JetStar. Cheap but good. Kinda like Southwest. Where's my Wild Turkey? Easy flight, had brekky,slept about an hour on the plane and arrived at Cairns. Stepped out of the airport...oh, mother of pearl! It's warm and humid. Like a free facial. Sweet! God for the skin, bad for the hair. I am going to try to have a zen attitude about the hair. It's against my nature but I'm giving it a shot. Nobody here knows me, right? Hotel is significantly less luxurious than the Sydney one, but this is what you get in a beach town (well, kind of beach town). Hmm, no rain forest shower (that was awesome in the Sydney hotel), not TV in the shower (which, um....why?). Hotel  location is god but I'm up to Port Douglas for my tours anyway (one hour bus ride). Easy to walk to restaurants and shops. Kind of like Cabo, kinda touristy. Nothing I want to buy. Drop off my stuff, look at my hair (no, not good) and head out. Have lunch (their mayo tastes like Miracle Whip...a tiny bit ick). Stop at the bottle store and have a nice conversation with the gal there. Why do people you know here seem excited to see you? Fakers! OK, just kidding. It's that Aussie thing. I love it. I pick out 2 Chardonnays and yay, screw caps (I mean that both ways). I didn't recognize any of the brands in the store. Woohoo! Wine adventure! Stop at the grocery for wine and breakfast food. Still thinking about that huge plate of breakfast food with the shrooms. I can't do that again. I'm just not a breakfast gal. Oh, and I bought some hair mousse. Hey, zen takes time.

The hotel has a lovely pool so I sat out at the pool about as long as I should have. You know, to get the Vitamin D benes but not a deep burn. Probably 20 ,minutes before the clouds and wind roll in. Man, the weather changes fast here! So I decide to watch it all from my balcony with a nice Chardonnay (see how that works?). It's called Chapel Hill. Yum. Just got that vacation feeling. It might be called a wine buzz (I was writing this blog post out on one of those little hotel note pads). So wine buzz, yeah? Maybe it was a little hair of the dog. Do you think people actually ate the hair of the dog that bit them? Gross!

I miss my 500 TV channels but have a feeling I'm better off without them this week.Disconnecting never felt so good. Two glasses of wine and took a 4 hour nap (I know....light weight!). You know the kind of nap, like the guy on the Domino's commercial? Yeah, I'm not making it out tonight. Room service!

Comments (2)

  1. Clay says:

    Hi, I am living in USA and am coming to Australia soon, was Jetstar a good service, nice seats, good price?? Better than Southwest.


  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    About the same as Southwest, except you have assigned seats. I’d do it again for short flights. Nothing cross-country.

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