Australia Travel Log: Day Four

Yippee! The work part is over! I felt really good about my presentation yesterday. I spend too much time thinking about presenting and stress myself out. I should have relaxed a little, but then that wouldn't have been me, would it have? Yeah, definitely feel like the weight is lifted. Kevin and Trevor put on an excellent conference. I'd do it again, if they ever asked me back.

So yesterday was mostly hanging in my hotel room working through my presentation, then giving me presentation, then the fun part. Wait, let me backtrack. I think that perhaps Australians are really into breakfast (or brekky as they say...everything has a cute name here). I ordered 2 eggs and toast from room service and you should have seen what came on the plate.  Eggs, sausage, potatoes, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes. They call it an American breakfast but it seems British to me. For some reason, it's hard to look at mushrooms on a plate first thing in the morning. That doesn't seem so American to me. In America, we would hide the mushroom sand tomatoes in an omelet so that you can actually trick yourself into eating something healthy. We are good like that.

OK, so the presentation. I actually felt really good about this one. Probably my best so far. Gawd, I get myself worked up.But once I got going it was awesome. I'm no professional speaker but I did great for me. And big sigh of relief when it was over. And big glass of wine with my friend Carol from Yahoo! Don't believe everything you read in the papers. Microsoft and Yahoo! people actually do socialize together. It's always good to compare notes on what's going on. Lots of wine was consumed (so far, impressed with the Chardonnay I have had here, last night it was Stonier Reserve...nice and dry and acidic). Then a bunch of us jumped in cabs and went out to dinner; amazing freaking Thai food. Like ridiculous. I think the place was called Aree. Yum. Had some champagne to celebrate Kate's birthday (Happy Birthday, Kate...can you celebrate again today since it's your b-day in the states now?). And I am up at 3 drinking water to stave off the post-champagne headache. It always seems like a good idea at the time. OK, it's usually worth the punishment.

I'm super excited to get out of the hotel. Flying up to Cairns today. Flight at 7, which would normally feel so early but you know, I don't sleep (4 whole hours last night). This afternoon, I'll be by the pool. I'll be the pasty white one with a cocktail in my hand.

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  1. Andrew Rodger says:

    Heather, you did a SUPER job at the conference. You have no need to worry about presenting (although all do –  even experienced presenters). You gave me inspiration to look into this and kick off a corporate blog for

    Enjoy your time in Australia and if you get the chance try some Margaret River (WA) wine, it is superb. Anything from the Hunter Valley is also pretty good. Come to think of it, you would have a difficult time finding a bad drop if you stick to the local wine (the New Zealand wine is  pretty good too).

    Travel safe and enjoy!

  2. Francesco Esposito says:

    If you are in Australia you really have to try some of their Shiraz. Some of the best Shiraz I have ever had comes from Australia. Though it might be darker then what you normally drink, it is not terribly dry and is sweet enough to satisfy most. Its delicious.

    Also while on the topic, if you like Champagne and are also into wine you should try this sparkling Italian White – Moscato Di Asti. It tastes like Champagne, but is a touch sweeter and has the alcohol content of wine. It’s delicious. Just make sure to get the "Di Asti", there is Moscato from France and flat (non sparkling) from Italia, that is just not as good.

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    RB – um yeah. I can’t watch that. And I’m sorry if you did 🙂

    Andrew – thanks for the nice words about the presentation and the wine recommendations! Back to Sydney tomorrow!

    Francesco – You know, i used to drink a lot of shiraz but have switched to Cab lately. Guess my taste is changing but I’ll be sure to try a variety while I am here! Note to self: you have only had Chardonnay so far!

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