Australia Travel Log: Day Three

This one will be short. It's early Thursday here (Wednesday afternoon back home) and I am writing about yesterday. I'm still in the "work" portion of the trip. the conference is very well done. The unfortunate thing for me is that while I had time to put together my slides before I came here, I haven't had much time to run through them and plan what I am going to say. And last night I had to re-work my slide deck. In the states if you do a 1:15 hour presentation you plan slides for 50 minutes and count on Q&A. It's not so much like that here. So I've had to add a few more slides to extend the deck. Folks here are less involved with blogging anyway so it will be interesting to see how many attend my session.

So I will be spending much of the day today running through my deck before my presentation this afternoon. Then it's time for fun. I fly off to Cairns tomorrow. Yesterday, I spent some time at the conference listening to speakers and then I took a cab out to the Microsoft office in North Ryde (a suburb). As I expected, it looked and felt just like a US Microsoft office; punchy colors, Ikea-like furniture. Perhaps a bit more modern than some of our buildings on campus,  but I suspect that it's been built more recently. Went out there to talk with the recruiting team briefly about blogging. Cabs here are freaking expensive! Like twice as much as in the states.And don't even get me started on the exchange rate. I'm fortunate to be here, so I'll try not to complain about that too much.

My sleep schedule is still totally jacked up. Combination of time change and insomnia is actually making the sleep situation a little miserable. I'm exhausted here at 6 PM, lay down for a few hours, up for a few hours and down for a few hours until 3 AM here. Then watching TV until the sun comes up. They are definitely into their sports here and I find them confusing: rugby, Aussie rules football and our soccer (and more than one of them are referred to them as "footie" defies explanation for an American so I am going to stop asking questions about it). So there's lots of that on TV and they seem to be into cooking shows (mostly British) and you can get some American TV, but nothing that I'm into. Anyway, I'm not here to watch TV. I'll get the schedule in better shape after I am done with the presentation. Then I can relax.

Seems that Malaysian food is quite popular here. Yesterday for lunch, I had something called laksa, which is a coconut based soup with noodles and meat. So yummy. Can't wait to try some more new things. Here for three days and I still haven't actually had dinner.

Saw some sun breaks this morning. I'm OK with it raining during the conference as long as it's clear in cairns and sunny when I get back here in a few days. Watching window washers on the building across the street while I wait for my breakfast.  Ooops, food is here. Priorities.

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