Ah, airports, San Diego this time. Can't tell you how many time I have been in this terminal in the last few years. Nothing ever changes. Right now I am acutely aware of the stink of Pizza Hut. Same stink as always, I feel like it's on me. So blogging to distract my attention.

Speaking of which, check out this ad. Follow the instructions.


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  1. WilliamM says:

    Have you tried the bread bowl soup place in the San Diego Airport?

    How it is all Pizza Huts spells the same in the US. The only time I noticed a difference was overseas with a different smell and taste even for the same type of pizza like pepperoni.

    As far as the video I missed the dancing bear the first time. Not sure this is a smart video long term because next time I’m driving I will be paying extra attention to the people on the sidewalks and forgot to see the car in front of me : )

  2. Thanks for joining us in San Diego.  I’m sorry we didn’t connect for more than a few minutes – I would have liked to talk more!

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    WilliamM – I have not. I always end up in the same terminal because I usually fly Alaska. They should really do something about that smell though. San Diego is such a pretty place and now I associate it with that stink.

    Now you be careful driving. Just watch out for dancing bears on the sidewalks. I think that it’s entirely possible to see that in San Francisco, by the way if you happen to live there or ever visit.

    David – me too. Thanks!

  4. Lauren Smith says:

    I missed the moonwalking bear (but I counted 13 passes) too. Although the ad is pushing for more bicycle awareness, I wonder if it doesn’t actually make the opposite point. Specifically that humans have a limited amount of awareness to give. I wasn’t able to count the number of passes on the second run-through. So either I see the passes or I see the bear. There is no successful in-between.

    Since a mistake of awareness between a car and a bicycle results in injury or death, not just the looking over of a dancing bear, perhaps the limited awareness of drivers should be taken into account and bicycle rules should be updated. If drivers must either, as WilliamM says, choose between being aware of the cars around them or the dancing bear on a bike, there is no successful solution except to eliminate either the bear or the cars.

    The air here in Tokyo is rancid with exhaust and pollen. When I step off the tram into Seatac, the smell of fresh air and coffee is like walking into a dream.

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Lauren – I read the intent differently. I think they are saying to be broadly aware and not just focused on what is right in front of you. Even the fact that you remember the ad and might think about bike riders next time you are on the road because of it is good.

  6. Native Wizdom says:

    Late to post…saw the bear and got the number of passes correct, but I was distracted by playing BB under a bridge??


  7. Ben says:

    Great to see you again in SD.  Know what you mean about the airport there, great location, crappy food.  Best of luck with your workshop in Australia!h

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Ben – thanks. Good seeing you too!

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