The incredible weirdness of blogging

You may have thought that I was kidding about the tequila last night but I was not. I love the idea of celebrating little things in life like finishing a project or buying a new car. So anyway, off we went to Matador in Redmond last night. I wanted to get my tequila on (don't worry, I had a designated driver).

A couple words about Matador. I love the atmosphere. I also love that it's so close to my home (not stumbling distance...more of a long walk). The interior is cool but the TVs are too small. I'm not into the b-ball so it didn't matter last night. If it was college football season, it would have totally mattered. I was there for the conversation anyway, and did I mention the tequila? The first shot goes down like sweet fire. Guess I have my vices; I don't drink it frequently. Like I said, we were celebrating. Now I have to say something about Mexican food in the pacific northwest and I'm sure someone is going to disagree with me; probably someone who has always lived here and thinks that crap that they serve you in Cabo is "authentic Mexican food" (pssst.....they make it for the gringos). I tend to think of things on a spectrum: politics, stuff like that. Well I think about Mexican food on a spectrum too. It's just that the spectrum here is a lot shorter than it is in other places (well, OK, some other places south of here). There's less distance from your cattle grade corn tortilla taco to your high end Mexican. So I am going to say that the bar food at Matador falls on the high end of the spectrum, but here in the Seattle area, that doesn't mean it's great. It was good, but felt a bit like your standard Mexican bar food. Anyway, no matter. I didn't care much about the food.

The clientèle seemed to be lots of professional folks, mostly men. Hey, I'm a single gal so I look; what can I say? It may have been because of the basketball playing on those itty-bitty TV sets (I get why they don't want big TVs, bc the interior is pretty damn cool). Anyway, when I go out, I make friends. It's what I do. Otherwise, hello? What's the point? I have food and tequila at my house. Anyway, talking to the guys sitting next to us (oh, and just so you know...not a pick up situation), two of the three did that "hey, wait....I know you" thing. You know, because of the blog. I still can't get used to that.You know, people reciting part of a blog post back to me (last night, it was the one about not telling your recruiter or interviewer that you'd do "anything" to get into Microsoft, and the other guy had sent me his resume or something).

So I guess this is how it's going to be being out there (I mean, on the blog and out there, you know, where the people and the cocktails are). It's still a weird thing for me.

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  1. Wow, being recognized [in person] as a blogger! Do you STILL think you’re not a business celebrity?? 🙂

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    there must be something in between anonymous and "business celebrity".

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