How to make Ronald McDonald even more annoying…

...without removing one ounce of creepiness


Clowns freak me out.

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  1. Programmerman says:

    I had to cut it off at :32 because ick!

    I heard somewhere that some group had done a study that finds that the average kid is terrified of clowns.  I’m not entirely sure we grow out of it, we just want to force our children to endure what we went through.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yeah, maybe we become desensitized? I’m not sure but I don’t get why anyone thinks clowns are funny, cute or anything good.

    You were smart to stop the video….I kept watching thinking that something more interseting would happen. Alas, no.

  3. mrscrooge says:

    Erm, I’m gonna go with programmerman – I had to shut it in about half a minute. I’m still going to send it to my friend who used to work in McDonalds corporate 🙂

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    See, it has some value….as an implement of torture!

  5. Tim says:

    True enough, Heather. This is one of the CIA’s "Methods of Investigation" videos which can no longer be used on suspected terrorists.

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    This and waterboarding. Oh wait, we still do that.

  7. Tim says:

    I was going to go out with friends waterboarding last summer. Now I’m glad I stayed home.

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