Don’t Tase Me, Bro

This is what I did today. I'm watching it online so I can hear the bits I missed. The lines outside Key Arena were incredibly long and by the time I got about half-way to the front, security told us the arena was full. Damn. The lady next to me told me they were broadcasting the audio outside the far side of the arena. On the way to the far side, I saw a stream of people running for a door so I did too (lemming much?) and I made it in just before security shut it. About half the people lined up outside did not get in. When I texted a friend to tell him about my adventure, he said "don't get tased."

 Yeah...."don't tase me bro!"

Anyway, it was awesome. My first real political rally. I got a huge adrenaline boost.

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  1. Dave Mendoza says:

    As someone who was very much involved in college and state politics in my youth I can tell you it is indeed a huge rush. My politics are generally opposite of what most would think, I am an admirer of Say’s Law and Burke. I’ve walked from earth to the moon in precenct walks getting out the vote on election day, and in over 20 campaigns.

    I’m too old and preoccupied now to be that dedicated but I remain a political junkie. We may be on opposite ends philosophically but I must say, Obama I respect esp as he represents a more ethical, more non partisan face than the alternative shrill succubus he is defeating handidly. I even considered donating just to have that person finished off at his eloquent hands.

    Still won’t vote for him, his policies I can’t agree with but it will reflect well on our country that we have come a long way.

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