The Small Business Show

Just found out about this from a co-worker. Evidently, we (Microsoft) have a web show about small businesses. It may particularly appeal to me because I'm a goofy, right-brained entrepreneur program graduate ("Hey, Heather...what you doing with that degree?"). I find the stories pretty interesting and it's cool to hear about quirky local businesses (if you can call Iron Chef winner Tom Douglas a "local business").

So suffer through the un-funny little bit at the beginning of that episode and of course, since there's a business purpose behind this, you are going to get some Microsoft marketing along the way (canned audience questions, infomercial-like breaks). I think that the rest of it is interesting enough to make it worth it.

I'm going to go back and watch some of the other episodes. Not sure what it is about me and donuts lately (Anthony Bourdain planted it in my brain) but I want to watch the one about Top Pot.

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