Marketing Recruiting Event in the Bay Area Next Week

My team is helping to recruit for this event. Thought I would share the announcement in case anyone out there is interested. The recruiters are reviewing resumes relative to our open marketing posiitons so if you ware intersted, please get me your resume ASAP so I can forward it to the recruiters. Thanks!


We’re looking for people who make things happen.


Coming soon! A Microsoft Recruiting Open House for Marketing Professionals in the Silicon Valley Area


Microsoft is hosting an open house on January 31st, 2008 at the Silicon Valley Microsoft Campus (Mountain View, CA). 

We are hiring for positions based in Redmond, Washington (Seattle area) in these marketing functions:


Product Marketing

Product Management

Product Planning

Market Research, Intelligence and Planning

Marketing Communications

Audience/Segment/Partner Marketing

… and much more!


Come hear about the many exciting career opportunities at Microsoft (currently over 417 open marketing positions!), talk with Microsoft recruiters,

and network with your colleagues.


Attendance is by invitation only. If you are interested, please send your resume to for consideration.



Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity.




Comments (8)

  1. Wine-Oh says:

    Hi Heather-

    Are those positions (specifically product marketing and product management) required to be in Redmond, or can there be flexibility and be based in other cities and or can they be virtual?

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    The groups that are being represented are Redmond-based.

    We do have open positions in the bay area though. So I can always get resumes to the right recruiter. But the event is focused on Redmond work.

  3. blogCurious says:

    will you be doing these in the Seattle area anytime soon?

  4. kw says:

    do you plan to do this in Portland, Oregon?



  5. Lucie Newcomb says:

    This was a great event, Heather.  While I only had a few minutes at the actual function, it was enough to whet my appetite for more (metaphor deliberate:  great food! Thanks! Move over, AB…).  The interviews the following day yielded yet more insights and interest (mine, anyway), and I hope to have the chance to drill-down further on potential contributions/opportunities.

    Many thanks to you and all involved for the planning, execution and resources required to reach out to us Bay Area folks so effectively…it would be fine to leave the rain in WA next time, though, OK?! ; ) Unless perhaps you folks have determined a total immersion (literally) is essential!

    – Lucie

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Haha -I wish we had that kind of control. DUring one of our bay area events we had a hail storm. Coincidnece? 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the event. I will make sure to pass that along to the others that worked so hard to put it together!

  7. Anuhar says:


    Will there be any such event in Redmond area?

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