Another ditty for those that liked the potty humor

OK, first of all, you are sick and I like you. Second, watch this. I didn't go out looking for it. It found me.

And try not to take a sip of anything immediately before the moment when the older lady says "wiener poopie".

I can't tell if the news station and the wiener owning lady are just completely humorless, but not only do I support the neighbors insistent that the piles of potty be removed, but I think they are hilarious. Pick up your doodles, lady!

 Sadly, I cannot categorize this as marketing.

Comments (9)

  1. Lauren Smith says:

    I don’t care for your wiener feces, but I’ve got your concrete Jesus.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Isn’t that the best? There’s about 100 funny ways to say it.

  3. Will in Santa Clara says:

    Great, now the humor has gone to the dogs…

    Now then, all of you – scat!

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    and don’t leave anything behind!

  5. --Lisa says:

    I saw an update on this that said something along the lines of "… it has been determined to be a ‘family issue’…" which just makes it funnier.

  6. crawdad13 says:

    How sad is it that Grand Rapids, Michigan has an unemployment rate that is 52% above the national average, but they spend time on the news talking about "Weiner Poopie."

    The story was funny, and maybe that is what they need in GR to take their minds off things for a few minutes, but seriously, this story, or the fact that somebody spent time taping and editing it, is more depressing than anything.

    I know, I know… Lighten up!

    I think the lady should replace the statue with a bronze statue of an enormous pile of dog crap.  See how the neighbors like that decorating their street.

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    Lisa – that does make it funny. Especailly considering that it’s between neighbors. What is a "family issue" I wonder.

    crawdad13 – so you are siding with the lady? Hmmmm. 🙂 Here in the Seattle area they will pick a few stories and recycle them throughout the day or week. And sometimes it’s the personal interest stuff. Last week, after the Today Show (whose fourth hour totally sucks, in my opinion) did a segment on the identity of Delilah in that Plain White Ts song, they had to cover it on our local news. Gee, how was I going to get through the day without knowing that little piece of trivia? I’ll have more ridiculous news content for you courtesy of Seattle. I think it’s happening everywhere. Right now, everyone is just flipping the hell out over the snow dtorm we got last night (and will get again tonight if we believe the weather man…wait, why would be do that?).

  8. crawdad13 says:


    I live in Minnesota.  Today is 40 degrees, tomorrow the wind chill is supposed to hit -38.  We just went through a stretch of about 1 1/2 weeks of single digits or below zero for highs.  In the winter we pray for snow because that usually means that it is warm enough to snow.  Most people don’t believe that it can be too cold to snow…trust me, it can.

    OOOHHHHH that’s right, you’re a Chicago girl…well then you sort of know what it’s like.

    Here’s to snow!! ;>)  Maybe there will be a story on the news about a snow sculpture shaped like Weiner Poop

  9. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oh yeah, I know about that kind of cold/snow. Some of the things that make us wimpy here are: 1) lack of infrastructure. I can pretty much count on my street not getting plowed. It will melt and re-freeze for a while until we get a couple days of above freezing nights. Also, when you are on a street like this that looks pretty risky, it’s hard to tell what it’s like beyond your street. You could watch the news, but that would be silly.

    2) also, terrain. I mentioned that I live at the top of a hill. There’s no way up that is not steep. I feel much more prepared for it today (and it was cool engaging the 4WD). In Chicago, we didn’t really have to deal with that.

    3) Inexperienced drivers. A couple inches of snow and you WILL see people around here ditching their cars. Last years snow storm had people leaving their cars on the highway. Yeah. I am totally serious. Unbelievable.

    On my way onto the freeway today, the onramp contained one jack-knifed metro bus. Was it on the news today> Of course it was!

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