What these places have in common…it’s a big yellow orb

I tend to do travel in clumps. Couple trips a month for a couple months then nothing for a whole season. Not sure why other than it seems that spring and fall are conference seasons and spring is also when I get a little bit of that Pacific Northwest twitchiness; gotta see the sun (which incidentally has been out for the last couple of days...well except at night...and is a little disorienting in that it's so unexpected). Frankly, in summer, I am pretty content to soak up the Seattle weather because it's better than anywhere else. And winter? I don't want to come off as too much of a scrooge, but I could pretty much do without this season altogether. The only things I would miss are college football, Thanksgiving dinner and eggnog. And my butt is telling me to go ahead and miss those last two.

Anyway, it seems that when it's time to book travel, I can do a few trips at once; dog boarding reservations, flight, hotel, ground transport. I like to just knock it out all at one time. Get it all on the calendar. Get really anal about printing out my e-tickets, hotel reservations, etcetera. Yeah, I am that super prepared traveler who heads to the airport with snacks, phone charger, a pashmina and a one quart zip lock bag. I use a packing checklist. Don't hate.

Anyway, I looked at what I have coming up this seasons (I'm going to call Feb-April a Season, K?). Fun trip to Phoenix (cocktails, gambling and my favoritest aunt and other fun people), conference trip to San Diego (and dinner with my friend, Denise), work trip to New Zealand/Australia (with additional vacation days because it's not every year that I get to see the other side of the earth and it's a great excuse to visit my cousin in NZ!). Now, I see this. And my fellow-foodie friend Holly says she wants to go too. Holla! Girls trip to Vegas!

All that sun and fun and food and drinks! Could be my best travel season ever.  Don't laugh, but I am trying to work in a road trip to Portland for a couple reasons:

   1) New car = road trip

   2) Never been to Portland. I know, that sounds crazy. I'm trying to get outside of my triangle (recently referred to as OHT)

   3) Anthony Bourdain (love that man....someone please explain) just did an episode of No Reservations on the Pacific NW and the first half was on Portland. And aside from other culinary adventures that can be had in Portland, I believe that there is something at Voodoo Donut with my name on it. I'm sorry, did you see this mayhem (some donut names are PG 13)? It will be hard to choose just one. But I am thinking I am going with the Memphis Mafia.

OK, OK...a little too excited over the trips (but I mean...Australia! And I have a recorded episode of No Reservations from New Zealand....whee!) but it's possible that the recent sunlight has thrown me off my game a little bit. Like I almost want to hug someone or like bake a pie or something. Gawd. Who AM I?

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  1. Rick says:

    Sounds like some awesome trips…

    If you’re a baseball fan, depending on when you’re going, Phoenix isn’t far from Peoria, where the Mariners do spring training (starts at the end of Feb through the end of March).

    If you hit Sea World in San Diego, I highly recommend the "Dine with Shamu" experience.  Its 50-60 per person, but its a cool experience. You are eating dinner (buffet style, but all good food) about 30 ft from an Orca swimming in a pool.  Its amazing.  The trainers come out and have the whale do some tricks, and they talk about training them and answer questions.  I have some great close ups taken from our table.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Rick – not much of a baseball fan, I have to confess. It’s just a weekend trip. Know anything about which casinos are good?

    As for San Diego – it will be a quick work trip so the fun part will be in the evenings and pretty low key. But I’m going to tell my friend Denise about the shamu thing. Do they allow kids?

  3. Let me know when you come to Portland. We’ll put together a Nerd Dinner while you are here! This is the home of the Original "Jim Blizzard" Portland Nerd Dinner!

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    I’m not sure what a "Jim Blizzard" nerd dinner is, and would hope that there would be no disappointment that I am not the least bit nerdy (at least not in the context intended here), but it sounds like fun. As long as everyone knows that during any technical conversation, I go to my mental happy place. So someone would definitely have to talk to me about something else.

  5. Jim Blizzard was the MS Developer Evangelist that started the Nerd Dinners. (We lost him to Florida). All right here in PDX.

    And, don’t you worry. We can tame the nerdiness for a special guest from our friends up north. Heck, maybe we’d even make it a Nerd Movie if the timing is right. You’ll love Cinetopia – and they are building one up north, too.

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Ah, I should have known. Guess I am not up to speed on the nerd lore. Anyway, sounds fun!

    I say either tame the nerdiness or let it rip in full force and then watch me giggle wildly when I don’t recognize one word you say except for "I", "and" and "the". Oh, probably and "beer".

  7. Perfect! Well, you can find my contact info on my blog. I’m sure there are a few folks you may even know down here that would come out to such an event. We’ll make it worth your while.

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yeah, I am sure. Sounds like fun.

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