Depressed Today?

Heard on the news that today is the "most depressing" day of the year. I don't think that they were talking clinical depression because who can turn it on or off for one specific day? I think what they are talking about is getting the know, more in line with SAD and broken new years' resolutions (I'm not making light of the former and the latter is a joke...we all know that, right?)

As far as the blues go, I am  particularly un-blue today...what's the opposite of blue? Orange? I'm orange today. It's sunny out and you can see the mountains. Stunning. Good weekend and someone very cute was involved (and that's all you are going to get). I have a new shiny car, a clean house, a full refrigerator, good health. The gym is starting to empty out.  I like my outfit today and I have a dentist appointment, which I actually enjoy because I love that perfectly clean feeling afterward (I know that's weird).

Also, I got some awesomely delicious blog hate mail today. The best part is that one doesn't have to be articulate or make sense to push the send button. So what's not to enjoy?

Yeah, it's only half over but I'm calling it a good day.

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  1. John says:

    Funny – I was totally depressed yesterday – maybe it’s because I just got back from a trip to Europe (therefore my timing is off…) – but everything seemed so weighty  yesterday – today however – is different – the sky is blue, the mountains are INCREDIBLE looking and all those issues that seemed so daunting yesterday are have slipped to minor annoyances at worst – I just walked around the block, got a triple tall non-fat no-whip mocha and am now sailing through email like a hot knife through butter…ahhh life is good…

    Maybe I need help 🙂

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    John – jetlag! I’m having that e-mail experience today myself! If you need help, so do I. Maybe a little darkness is in order. What’s Britney Spears up to? 🙂

  3. RB says:

    Your post makes me want to take a bath with a toaster. The only thing I have to look forward to is that I can be a Microsoft drone if I so choose. Screw it, I’m moving to Australia and taking up mountain biking.

  4. Bad_Brad says:

    One thing I remember from my undergraduate psych degree is that depression peaks around the 3rd week of January, because:

    1. The weather is still cold and crummy (especially in Seattle)

    2. The glow from the Holiday season has worn off

    3. The bills from the Holiday season have come in

    4. The new years’ resolutions have likely been broken

    Sadly, suicide also peaks this week as well.  But I’m with you, Heather – today couldn’t be better.  Beautiful sunshine, the Pro Club is starting to clear out all the new years’ resolution suckers, and the forecast this week is sun, sun, sun.  The view from Redwest on a sunny day in winter is spectacular.  I hope when I’m 80 I can still look at a view like that and just marvel at it.

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    RB- Wow, a blog post has that impact on you? Poor thing. Have fun in Australia.

    Bad_Brad – that  is pretty much what they were saying on the news. I have one more thing to add to my good fortune today: no cavities! (Remember when that was such a big deal when you were a kid?)

  6. Tim says:

    Yup, having a good day.

    Should be worse, the vet’s telling my family the cat’s not going to make it.

    In the scheme of things (and it being MLK Day an all), it’s a good day.

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oh Tim, I’m sorry about your cat. I hope your kids are doing OK. Just went through that with my friends kids. They asked questions about what they wanted to know about it. Sad, but kids are resilient when it comes to that stuff. Thinking about your family and kitty. Hope it’s a peaceful passing after a long life  🙂

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