Homebound: an exercise in creativity

Weather casters (???) here predicted howling winds and power outages here last night. We didn’t get the power outages but we did get the wind and swirling snow and a nice crunchy coat of ice on top of it all. I’m relieved to have electricity today (and/or a little ticked that the news people like to toy…


My love is fleeting.

So the “hunkering down” is really starting to get to me. To the point that calling one of my ex-boyfriends sounds like a good idea. No booze required. Working from home is one thing. Not having a conversation of any length about anything than work for days on end, well that is quite another thing….


"Laid off and looking"

The Wall Street Journal has a blog following some out-of-work MBAs. A piece of advice I noticed right away and agree with is that the seeker needs to take time for other parts of their life (exercise, etc.) because looking for work is not a full-time job (at least not the all-encompassing full-time job that…


Surviving the cold, the Seattle residents edition

I remember the cold winters in Chicago. And I also remember that they are why I had to move. Because, I mean, who voluntarily leaves Chicago? Really. If you know me even relatively well, you have heard me say this: I don’t like to be cold. I usually explain this to people after the idea…


Whilst I listen to Snow Patrol, my street remains unplowed.

People here have lost their damned minds. I actually heard the newscaster call people “idiots” and if he was cool like me, he would have had much better names for those people and better hair too. People complained because snow was predicted a few days ago and we didn’t get it. Two sneezes and achy…


So the fact that my dad sent this to me means?

This (which has no embed code, dernit) And by this my dad means: a) Happy holidays, daughter! As a Christmas present next year, I’d like to have a son-in-law. If the best you can do is a “dual bag”, that’s OK with me. Get used to the idea. Clock is ticking. b) Happy holidays, daughter!…


Reader participation: If everyone else likes it, why can’t I?

We sure had some fun with the top 5 rockingest songs ever….and I mean ever; except that some of those songs totally didn’t rock and I think you knew who you were even before you posted them. It’s OK, “to each his own” comes to mind here. Not everyone has to rock. Not everyone can….


Feeling 1986

Like, totally.


How do I kind of watch the news but not really?

Lately, I have had the news on during some of my work time. I like the background noise. But lately, I have been absorbing some of the junk that the reporters are dishing and I am finding it hard to take. What I am challenged with is straddling the line between being a) a healthy, productive,…