Speaking of movies…

the fact that my mental voice these days sounds like Timbaland (and so that is what I am going to call it) is, at least in part, the reason why I will not be seeing this.

Timba says "do not see this movie, baby girl". And so it shall be.

(Hey, I am on vacation....you wanted me to blog about resume writing?)

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  1. mrscrooge says:

    Yeah I’ll pass on it too. I thought you’d be all over the Golden Compass screening at Cinerama? Not my thing but lots of people loved it..


    I just watched http://www.heimafilm.com/ last nite (warning, site has music) which was lovely!! Happy holidays  Hamilton…

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Scrooge! Where have you been. We have missed you. I certainly hope that you were joking about the Golden Compass. Not my taste. But I have ben dragged (drug?) to weird movies like that in the past and have liked it. I can’t think of one off the top of my head but I am sure it’s possible. Random trivia: When I was a kid, I was pretty into Star Wars (gee, I knew there was a reason I worked at Microsoft). I totally grew out of it but besides seeing the movie (the original, in the theaters…I was young), I had the story on cassette. "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…". That’s all I remember. I had the soundtrack too.  I think that was pretty common back then, though. And Han Solo still makes me feel a little giddy 🙂

    Happy Holidays to you too! Anyone else ready to stick a fork in 2007? Gah!

  3. I thought the Golden Compass was really poor.  Love the books but the film was slow, silly and lacked the theological thread that makes the books so interesting.

    Here is the best film show in the Cosmos!


    Have a great feastive season folks.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oh yeah…see, I’m not looking for a theological thread in my movies. Definitely sounds like I can skip this one!

  5. wine-oh says:

    I just watched Blades of Glory and Knocked up on DVD. I didnt like either and remembered there was a reason I never saw them in the theater. Up next, The Simpsons Movie and Stranger than Fiction.

  6. mrscrooge says:

    Hey now I’m interested in Golden Compass lol. I’ve still been reading your blog on and off, just not had time to leave comments :).

    Just found out NWFF is showing a restored print of "From here to Eternity" so I’m headed to that t’row. Highly recommended if you’re into 50’s movies!

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    I thought Knocked Up was funny…watched that over Thanksgiving. Blades of Glory is still sitting in my "On Demand" page….didn’t quite finish it. True story: I went to college with Will Ferrell and was a little sister to his fraternity. I didn’t know him, but I don’t recall ever hearing anything about him being funny. Just remember that his house drank a lot of Jaegermeister and they were fun to party with (see? I was a college student once).

    Scrooge – that’s because you are a technical dude.You are supposed to be interested in that kind of stuff. No judgment here…I swear! 🙂

  8. mrscrooge says:

    Hey you went to school with Will Ferrell? Thats awesome! I love his underrated stuff like Melinda & Melinda, last nite Elf was on and I watched bits of it and thought it was kind of funny :). I can’t bear any of the over the top stuff like Blades of Glory or whatever…

  9. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yeah, I go for more subtle humor myself. Most of his movies don’t appeal to me.

  10. wine-oh says:

    My high school was featured in elf. What a funny movie. Especially his take on the 4 food groups.

    Another great Will Ferrell movie is Talladega Nights.

  11. Andy says:

    Yep, I’m going to skip the P.S. I love You crappola as well. I did go see "Juno" the other day and laughed my @ss off. It was good.

  12. HeatherLeigh says:

    don’t think I could muster any enthusiasm for elf.

    andy, hmmmm…you are totally a guy’s guy too….so that is a huge recommendation.

  13. wine-oh says:

    PS I love you looks awful. I dont see Hillary Swank as a romantic leading lady.

  14. HeatherLeigh says:

    wine-oh, have to agree with you on that one. Even as the seductress in Black Dahlia, I was like "huh?". Great actress but not a romantic lead.

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