Horrible movie

I saw Margot at the Wedding last night. And as much as I don't want to do movie reviews here, because I care about you, I need to tell you how horrible it was. The plot was limited and Margot was mean-spirited. It was like watching someone step on a dog's tail over and over again. We couldn't even muster the energy (which involves keeping ones eyes open), to stay for the whole thing. Let me save you $9: Margo is a pill and this movie stunk.

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  1. Bad_Brad says:

    The quality of Hollywood movies, overall, has gone down dramatically in the last ten years or so, in my view.  Maybe it’s just me getting old, but what I see any more is an emphasis on catering to the least common denominator with things like special effects and excessive cussing and/or toilet humor, and less and less emphasis on things like intriguing character development and quality dialogue.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Well, this movie had zero special effects. Part of the problem may be that Jack Black was totally out of place; he really shoulnd’t appear anywhere near Nicole Kidman. And also, the screen play…oh, horrible!

  3. josh says:

    You couldn’t be more right. That movie was absolutely terrible. And I loved Squid and the Whale, which made it hurt even more to hate this movie. I didn’t even finish it.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    I have Squid and the Whale on DVD and haven’t watched it yet. I just reconnected my DVD player and for some reason it’s only showing in black and white. I’m such a luddite.

    Maybe I’ll get inspired to try and fix it this weekend.

  5. wine-oh says:

    Go see Juno. Great movie. Great soundtrak.

    As for your dvd player, I bet you have the wires connected wrong. Check your connections.

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yeah, but Wine-Oh…how do I know the right way to connect them? I matched the colors. Am I just a dolt?

    The previews for Juno look good. Maybe I’ll go see it this weekend, now that you have also recommended it.  The reviews I saw were mixed. But I am a sucker for a movie with a great soundtrack. For example, garden State = OK movie but amazing soundtrack.

  7. wine-oh says:

    Hmm… id check both connections on both components.

    100% agree about Garden State. Didnt care for the movie, but great soundtrack. This isnt the case with Juno. Good movie and equally good soundtrack. In fact I downloaded more tunes by the band who did one of the main songs. The band is called The moldy peaches.

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yeah, I even had someone check it for me and still no clue. Maybe I need to look at it again. <big sigh>

    Definitely thinking about seeing Juno. Did watch some sucky movies that I had taped last night: Rumor Has It (sucked) and Black Dahlia (sucked). I’ll start to worry that it’s just me; or at the very least that I am not a good picker.

  9. wine-oh says:

    Im not a good picker either. Except for Juno. I dont go for the big holiday opening, will smith, special effects, hollywood blockbuster extraviganza type films. Prefer movies like The Queen, or Lost in Translation. The exception is Superbad. What a hysterical movie.

  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wine-Oh, you and I have the same exact taste. I haven’t seen Superbad yet. Waiting for it to come out On Demand. I’m still catching up on things I should have seen years ago. HBO is such a revelation (I know…I said I was a luddite).

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