A top ranked career blog? This one?

Evidently so. Alrighty then. I guess that means I should talk about something career related again soon.


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  1. HeatherLeigh says:

    Ooh, I forgot the quotations marks. I’m doing the bunny ears with my fingers: "top ranked career blog".

    I suggest someone check the math.

  2. crawdad13 says:

    The one in first place is an excellent blog and the one in fourth is good but as much self-serving (and not in a good bloggy way) as not.  

    The one in second is a HORRIBLE blog and doesn’t really contribute anything to the career discourse othet thabn the guy repeating what other, peopl ehave already said and taking credit for ideas that he didn’t have any part in formulating.

    I read, or have read probably 30% of these at one time or another, therefor it is with great pride and very little humility that I present you with the best (or at least no worse than second-best) career blog around award.

    If there are any doubters, I point you to http://blogs.msdn.com/heatherleigh/archive/2007/02/27/why-is-the-mba-important.aspx

    which is still the best career related "post and comment" section of any blog I have have ever read.


  3. RJD says:

    Career stuff?  We just got to the part about your pants!

    I just voted you an 11 anyway.  It seemed fitting.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    crawdad, that was one of my best posts, mostly because of all the comments (and the inspired topic suggestion).

    I like Brazen Careerist, myself. You know, I don’t really buy into authority metrics. So I’m as flattered as can be, just to be considered for their list. But, you know…there’s nothing that proves that anything I wrote is any better than another blog farther down the list. Guess I don’t want to get into the discussion again since it was so fun the last time.

    RJD – as much fun as it is to write about my "couture", I do have to throw in the occassional work-related post. You know, stuff that won’t make people shake their heads at me but actually think about their careers. It is hard to come up with new stuff. But I think I need to try harder.

  5. RJD says:

    OK, I guess.  It was starting to get a lttle too juicy around here.

  6. You know you and I share the same thoughts on metrics and statistics and I am happy that this time unlike that last time, that it is a positive conversation.

    That other conversation seems like 2 lifetimes ago.

    Apparently my recruiter blog and Gopher football team share the same standings.

  7. crawdad13 says:

    I take no credit for the idea.  An idea without a voice is just a dream, and for many people the dream of getting "THE JOB" begins and ends with the seeming neccesity of having an MBA.

    I think that post by you, and the subsequent comments and retorts by many of your readers led to the most intelligent and sightful dialog about what an MBA means.

    I know, for me, it led me to the conclusion that I needed to figure out a way to more effectively communicate why my experiences were in many substantive ways, commensurate with getting an MBA.

    It also helped me realize that I have some blind spots that I needed to address so that when I am competing for jobs against people who do have MBA’s, I don’t try to sell myself as the same,but instead as someone with different, but equally valuable, skills.

    As I have said before, I think that post and its comments should be required reading for anyone considering going the Business school route and especially for people who might think it is a good idea to get an MBA right out of undergrad.

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    RJD – you think this is juicy, huh? There are a whole range of juicy topics that I would love to blog about but don’t.

    MN Headhunter – yeah, that was a long time ago, but you never know when it will rear it’s ugly head. On the one hand, I try to ignore that unsavory stuff. But it’s not going to keep me from expressing my opinion….you know that. Besides, when things get ugly, and you ask your self why, it’s usually more about the person that made it ugly than you. Or something like that.

    crawdad – well you know that if you have other ideas for topics, I’d love to hear them! I have to admit that sometimes I read my old posts and don’t remember ever writing the (yikes!). So I do think about what I can write that’s new, reviving old topics and maybe putting a different spin on them.

  9. RJD says:

    Share some juice!  You know where to find me…

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