Don’t you wish you were this cool?

Where can I get some shorts like that? I miss the eighties. Rationalizing your guilty pleasure is fun 🙂

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  1. tod hilton says:

    You better not be making fun of Def Leppard! They played a significant role in my social development during junior-high school years.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Dude, I love Def Leppard. That’s the whole "guilty pleasure" thing. But seriously, what can you say about those shorts? Really. And the mullets? I dates guys with that hair in high school. I am so ashamed and oddly attracted. Haha.

  3. RJD says:

    If you ever find shorts like that, I expect a photo to be posted!

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hell to the no.

  5. Wine-Oh says:

    Im sure you can get them on E-Bay

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