Recycler guilt

I have recycler guilt. I check everything for recyclability (huh?). I wash out the containers so my recycling bin doesn’t get stinky. As we know, I hate “stinky”. Unless it’s pleasantly stinky (gasoline, magic markers), then I love it in a lightheaded-I-don’t-care-about-my-braincells-they’ll-grow-back kind of way. Also, clean wet dog is kind of nice and some…


It’s like all my little girl dreams coming true at once

Today I get to live one of my recruiting fantasies. Only it’s totally real. And it’s totally my day off. One of the huge challenges in recruiting is getting the information you need to build a prospect profile. Back in the day, when I was a line recruiter, I remember the frustration of getting specs…


How do you tell a 6 year old her cat died?

Oh, I feel horrible. This summer, I bought my friends’ daughter a kitten. I was so excited, she was so excited. There are pictures over on my facebook page. M is a special kid. Her parents told me that it looked like Rainbow (yes, that’s what she named him) had some health problems, so it’s…


Don’t you wish you were this cool?

Where can I get some shorts like that? I miss the eighties. Rationalizing your guilty pleasure is fun 🙂


Companeee Namez

I admit that I, too, find the ubiquity of goo-goo-gaa-gaa named companies a bit hard to take. They all start to sound alike and it’s just plain marketing laziness. I can’t believe that the target market for all of these (mostly) services is that unsophisticated. I don’t expect the market to revolt, but when hearing some…


Single Technology Company Seeks

same with IP and smart tech leaders.   Article on how Microsoft engaged acquisition target companies. It’s a little fluffy article, but talks about the importance of the people involved in any acquisition.


Dear Blog

Dear Blog, This isn’t the type of thing that I should write in a letter but I’m not sure I can tell you to your face. I have tried to tell you before, but every time you open in my browser window and look at me like that, it reminds me how much I love…


Contextual weirdness

It’s probably time for me to get back to some regular blogging. Sheesh. I was in Arizona this past week, spending time with family (including my awesome Aunt Di) and friends. We went to the USC v. Arizona State game. It was really sad to see so many of the ASU fans empty out of…


24 Hours in Seattle

 Microsoft employee spends 24 hour hours seeing the sights in Seattle with 2 guys in spandex.   Video: 24 Hours in Seattle (In case you were wondering about the “video stuff” I was working on this summer.)


Help Find Kyle

Just spreading the word.