A Lot Like You (and Me), Northwesterner

These ads are fantastic. As someone living here, they definitely ring true. It’s hard not to identify with at least one of them. I won’t tell you which one that I identify with but if you’ve been paying attention, you may already know. I may have to submit my own (Microsoft transplant: wears make-up, carries umbrella,…


Thanks and I’m back

Thanks to everyone who reached out to me last week with words of support. I’m always surprised when people reference me helping people with this blog. I never really think about it that way much; it’s just what I do. And it’s what I enjoy doing. I’m sure I get more out of it than…


Roughest 6 months

I haven’t written for a little bit.I will soon. I don’t know if it’s at all obvious from anything here but it’s been an incredibly rough 6 months for me. I may write about it, I may not. I lost 2 people I loved this year (one last week). I don’t like the idea of…


New Microsoft website for job seekers….and it’s actually good

We recently launched a new website to give a funky little peak behind the curtain at Microsoft. If you don’t have a sense of humor, you’ll hate it. Trust me. Don’t click on the singing cowboy videos. The site is primarily aimed at tech folk, but a lot of the content makes sense for the…


I wish I would have known I invented this before I went back for my reunion.

I was doing this twenty years ago. It was when I was in college and couldn’t afford my phone bill and it was called a “one-ringer”. Our home phone came with a big springy cord back then but it wasn’t that long ago. I understand the issue with jamming a network with non-paid calls (though…


As if you haven’t been searching for Halloween stuff online

I already have. I am responsible for dressing one 6 year old girl pirate for Halloween this year. I have 90% of the costume together but I’m still looking for the “puffy shirt”. Halloween is the one time when I miss not having kids but fortunately, I can borrow my friend Cheryl’s; just one of…


So this is what happens at a high school reunion

OK, so I mentioned that I would give a little update on the HS reunion this past weekend. Partly it’s because a few people at the reunion said they looked at my blog and I wanted to say how great it was to see everyone again. Another reason is that I know that a good…


Best commercial evah!

Love these young men getting down with their backpacks. Those kids are going to be cool when they grow up and perhaps famously misunderstood. For now, they are just cute…especially while they actively want the funk.  I want to buy something on credit.


Microsoft has an orchestra?

Who knew? They need a better publicist 🙂 I’ve never seen them on campus, but now I am going to be on the lookout! I took piano as a kid (and had my instructor convinced, for a while, that I could read music) and briefly attempted the clarinet. My failure has given me a real appreciation…


What do we call this newish marketing?

In conversations this week about “new marketing”, or “newer”. I’m having a problem with taxonomy. I know it’s not “digital marketing” because moon boots are out of style and so is that term (but hey, I’m reliving 1987 this week so maybe I’ll pull that term out a few times). I hate the term web…