I don’t have to understand it to love it

We know I'm not a gamer, right? I don't have a problem with games; don't care much what people do in their living rooms as long as nobody gets hurt. I think hobbies are healthy. Eye-hand coordination is a good thing. Gaming is social. What's not to like? It's not my thing but more power to you if it's yours.

Last night I was at Redmond Town Center having dinner. At 10:30, leaving the restaurant, we noticed a line around the upstairs balcony of RTC. Sometimes they have concerts or events there so we were trying to figure out why people would be hanging out around the balcony at 10:30 at night on a Monday. Then someone said it: "Halo 3". Two miles from campus, people were lined up outside a games store in the cold to get their hands on Halo 3, which went on sale at midnight (as if you didn't already know). I heard it was the biggest media release ever...period. Bigger than Harry Potter, even (I also don't get the Harry Potter thing..I read the first one and it read like a kids book to me...clearly, I missed something).

We got an e-mail yesterday from an exec detailing the shuttle schedule directly to the company store and overflow parking. I've never seen that before. Crazy!

Hey, I don't get it and I'm sure that all the gamers don't understand my hand bag collection. The difference is that the Halo 3 thing pleases shareholders; who so far have been disinterested in my fashion addiction. And I do get the inherent coolness of gaming. I'm just going to have to settle with not being that cool (though my friends kids really wish I had an XBox 360 but I really had to consider that having a bunch of teenage boys and their fathers in my living room was going to seriously mess with my Feng Shui).

I have to also admit that it's cool to see Gates in a hoodie

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