Charles, you have a licking problem

I have confirmed that it is rated G  as my friend Pat said it was. I cannot confirm why it is so freaking funny though.

Jonas has a licking problem too but it's episodic (attention-getting). Charles' seems a little more chronic.

Oh Charles, just consider yourself lucky that someone wrote a song about your problem. Though if someone started to sing songs about some of our problems, those could be some might disturbing lyrics. "Pat has a problem with the word moist...moist, moist!". Start up a conversation about a sponge or a humid day and he's out of there. Which makes it ironic that he forwarded this video of the cutest canine moist-maker ever.

 Thanks Pat!

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  1. Pat says:

    HH – I have come to accept moist on my top 5 hated words list, but lately the word used at work is ‘transparent’.  I cannot stand it, I actually hate it more than moist now.  Heather, I am trying to be ‘transparent’ here.  At least you named my song with ‘moist’ instead of ‘Pat has a licking problem’..that could quickly turn things in a wrong direction.

  2. Rob says:

    I wonder if this is one of those cases where they can give the dog prozac?

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Pat, I can say that I literally just LOL(led). I hate "LOL" but I just did it.

    Rob – they had to have given that dog peanut butter or something.

  4. Lauren Smith says:

    Charles is one cute dog. Perhaps a cold or an itchy nose?

    It seems like he may have been a chameleon in a previous life.

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    If it’s not peanut butter, it’s probably an anxiety problem. When I got Jonas, I was his third owner. He had some crazy anxiety from all the drama. First, he would sleep under my bed, exactly under where my body was. He did that for a couple months. I think it made him feel safe. And he would lick his fur obsessively. The noise could wake you up out of a dead sleep. So he does that, I obsessively check doors and appliances before I leave the house; we are a good mommy/doggy match. Also, I didn’t mention when I talked about my barfing problem when I was a kid, Jonas gets it too. It’s when he’s trying to get my attention (to go out and P-L-A-Y) and doesn’t get it, he works himself into a barfing episode.

  6. Judy Stern says:

    Poor, poor Charles.  He reminds me of a lizard trying to catch a fly!  Actually I feel worse for his owner who has to listen to that noise incessantly!  Probably doesn’t bother the dog a bit.  I agree, I think it’s OCD and they probably could medicate him although in the grand scheme of things at least he’s not licking his arse all the time!  I too have a pug and she’s a notorious toe licker.  Imagine, middle of the night to wake up to snorting, sloshing, toe licking sounds.  Almost enough to impale yourself with a blunt instrument.

    Some pugs have really, really long tongues.  I know a pug also with a licking problem and his tongue rolls out of his mouth because it’s too long.

    Dogs are funny little creatures with idiosynchracies like us :-).

  7. Andy says:

    A lot of pugs lick the air like that. I dated a girl who had one and pugs have all sorts of weird issues. Licking the air is just one of many strange things they can have. I honestly like almost all dogs from little tiny ones to great big ones but I draw the line at pugs and poodles. Poodles because I have been bitten twice by them, once by a standard (that f’ing hurt) and once by a miniature. Pugs because they are the most annoying dogs on the planet with all their weirdness and they shed even more than most large dogs like labs and then if they have anxiety issues they shed even more. I like a clean house and dog hair all over the AO from a bug eyed, little, alien, thing that wheezes and pops when it breathes doesn’t make me happy. That dog has it mild compared to some of the weird licking I have seen from pugs. A lot of them fart when they bark too, every time they yap they fart. People think they are sooooo cute until you get one of them home and then it’s like OMFG I just brought home a dog that is more neurotic than Jerry Seinfeld. It’s not the dogs fault they just have been inbred waaaaay to much and it causes all kinds of weird problems with them.

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Andy, I don’t think I understand. So you DON’T like pugs? I couldn’t tell from your comment (hee!)

  9. wine-oh says:

    I have a black lab who does that. She will just lay on the floor and lick the air constantly. I dont know if it cools them down, or if shes having an episode or what. Shes 11 1/2 now and is perfectly healthy so I just let her lick the air as she pleases. 🙂

  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    wine-oh, maybe she is trying to say "you paid what for your closet built-ins?".

    Sounds cute. Black labd are the best.

  11. Jon says:

    yea my pug licks the air also……not the nost attractive thing in the world, but its still cute

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