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According to press reports today, Microsoft is expanding into office space in Seattle. In the past, Seattle city office space was limited to the space previously inhabited by companies we acquired (like Visio). Appears that there's room for several hundred employees though it's not clear who those people may be. I will say that if we had office space that I could use in Seattle when I moved here, my life would be very different today. I would have stayed in the city, wouldn't have gotten the house and the dog (oh no! we don't want to think about that!) and would have been happy without all the handy-person skills I have developed over the years.

Also, it appears that we have announced the purchase of 14 commuter buses with wi-fi to deliver people around the Puget Sound area (that's what they call Seattle and the surrounding 'burbs here). Ooh, pretty. I'll still be working from home but I imagine this will make some others much happier!


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  1. Bill Wagner says:

    Just make sure those 14 new buses are hybrids:

    Save fuel, reduce carbon emissions, just like the rest of king county

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oh no….here come the Scoble followers 🙂

    Bill Wagner – according to what I have read, the inital buses aren’t biodiesel but it’s something that is being looked into (didn’t see any mention of hybrid). Looks like King COunty is purchasing those 500 buses over 5 years. So kudos to them!

  3. Brad says:

    I enjoyed the meeting today. Appreciated the length.

    As a ‘softie who lives in Seattle, I think the buses are a great idea. I’m excited to see the routes and times. I’m OK with the buses not being hybrid to start; let’s make that a v2 feature. I have a feeling that there might be capacity issues to start with. But as with everything, it’ll get worked out.

    I also like the float space for the S Lake Union location, altho frankly I can work from home just as easily, so not sure, in the end, how much I will use this. It will be so dang convenient to Whole Foods, and Pro Club though…

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    As someone who works from home regularly (every day that I don’t have a meeting), I can say that some time in the office is sometimes a nic break. It feels "social". I bet some of the home workers use that space to meet, etc.

    I sometimes drive out to Fremont to meet a vendor I work with because I just like to get over there (as long as it’s not rush hour).

  5. Pat says:


    The much talked and speculated about space is going to my larger group.   The building will be occupied by mostly Sales and teams that support sales in advertising.  I am stoke as I am one of those teams that indirectly supports Sales, and therefore has a need for my pretty little self to have to relocate my desk to Seattle come Feb…very fun.

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Pat – that is cool! You’ll have to let us know what the space is like!

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