It might be an addiction the the smell of sawdust

Yesterday, I realized that I spend more waking time in my home-office than anywhere else. Of all the rooms in my house, it's the most trafficked and I'm still working off of Ikea tables. There's nothing wrong with Ikea tables as far as tables go. They're fine. That's it. They are just fine. But they are not a desk.

I'm such a chicken when it comes to pulling the trigger on big purchases. Waiting for my house to close? Almost more than I could bear. Then that kitchen thing almost pushed me over the edge. I think it's because I'm a pessimist in some ways, or at least I want to be prepared for the worst, regardless of the likelihood of it happening. Yeah, inside my head is a fun place. Someone please call a professional.

Speaking of calling a professional, I have a consultant from California Closets coming to my house next week. I've always heard that they were expensive, but I've also heard that they are worth it. I haven't found another office set-up that I really liked for my home so I am getting a home-office. So yeah, it's expensive and I'm still doing it. This has been a crazy year (us Microsofties think of our years running from July through the next June) full of lots of good stuff and bad stuff. I ended the year feeling tired and energized. Did I mention that someone should call a professional?

I bet you'd see a lot of people talking about purchasing something a little larger than normal on the Microsoft blogs at this time of year. It's review season and stock vesting time. If you are going to reward yourself for a good year, this is the time. I just thought what better way to reward myself than with decor and organization. Two of my favorite things!

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  1. M3 Sweatt says:

    We also had good luck during our remodel to consult with (and get another view on design ideas) from Closet Factory (locally fabricated and built, good quality from what we saw) and Closets By Design. Enough good luck that we’re still struggling with the design 😉 and living with temporary Elfa shelving to figure out the layout of exactly what we need.

  2. Wine-Oh says:

    When I moved I had a built in unit made for my office. Expensive but so worth it. It houses my desk, printer, computer, slide out keyboard. Then next to it is my flat screen tv and electronic equipment. On top of the whole unit is bookshelves.

    I just had all my closets redone by another company like California Closets. Space is a premium here in NYC so it was an expense but worth it at the end of the day. With the reorganizing of the closets, it created more room. I actually have empty shelves that are wanting to be filled.

    The downside: 1) they are expensive (and worth it). 2) California Closets does not do demolition. You have to demo and prep your closets ahead of time which is another cost. 3) If something doesnt fit on install day, they take it back to their warehouse. They do not saw or make it fit on the spot.

    Upside: 1) You will recoup money and add value to your house when you sell it. 2) it looks awesome

  3. Marty Garins says:

    I/we had a closet organizing company come in and redo all our closets and it was well worth the slightly higher expense.

    Afterwards my wife could hold twice as many shoes and clothing in her closet than she could before.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    mthree- thanks for that! I’ll check them out as well. I’m going to force myself to make a decision on this and get it done!

    Wine-Oh- empty shelves waiting to be filled? I wonder what that is like? I’ve been trying to purge my stuff lately and for some reason, all my possessions find a way of spreading out anf illing in the space. I already have built-in shelving in my walk-in closet. And my home office is a bog empty box after I unload the room. I’m so excited!

    Marty – hehee, maybe I do want a closet renovation as well 🙂

  5. wine-oh says:

    I know its a strange concept, especially where space is a premium in NYC. Im working with a designer who suggested getting a platform bed with drawers. but that reminds me of my youth and the 70s/80s when that look was the norm. A car bed like Ricky Schroder on Silver Spoons is much more my speed. 🙂

  6. Bad_Brad says:

    As a conspiracy theorist, I have always had a theory that the reason why companies have one single time of year when all reviews are done is so that various types of businesses in the area (car dealers, realtors, home improvement contractors, jewelers, etc) know when to have their big promotions.

    It seems to make more sense to me to have review season last the whole year – i.e. maybe do an employee’s review on his anniversary every year with the company.  As a manager, it would make it easier on me, as I could give each employee a bit more focus, instead of having it basically feel like a pencil-whipping exercise.  But that’s just me.  I’ve lost this argument at more than one HR department.

  7. Barber says:

    Closet Factory is better than California Closets. I’m on my second house with Closet Factory closets and workspace. I did California and wouldn’t use them again. I do make people go in my master closet because it is my favorite room in the house.

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    wine-oh, I had one of those (the platform bed) in my house when I moved in . Refered to it as the "princess bed" but since a pincess doens’t live here (and it wasn’t attractive at all) I took it out (with my own bare hands and power tools…see what I said before about a princess not living here). It would be nice to get a nice adult version put in though. With my house being so small, I have some storage challenges as well. Probably not the same as yours but storage is still on my mind.

    By the way, my friend’s son just started a job in NYC and she and I are going to make a trip out. He got an apratment that I hear is small (well, duh) and I’m sure that storage is an issue for him as well. We may be checking out some of those closet deals when we are there. So any tips on where to shop for home stuff on the cheap (he’s a new grad) would be appreciated.

    Bad-Brad, seeing what HR goes through to roll out the review model, I bet your arguement isn’t particularly well received 😉 I’m writing reviews right now and it takes some work! I’d rather get all of them over at the same time. And I’m kind of glad that we all go through them at  the same time because I can be a bit of a bargain hunter. If companies can offter deals because they will make up the margin on volume, I’m all for that kind of comspiracy! It’s really obvious that the businesses around here are aware of our cycle.

  9. HeatherLeigh says:

    Barber – a good closet is like a piece of art! Based on M3’s recommendation, I’m going to check out a few different suppliers. I didn’t even know those other exist.

  10. wine-oh says:

    I hope its not small as in he can put his arms out and touch both walls at the same time small.

    3 places come to mind…

    1) IKEA which is actually in NJ until the one in Brooklyn opens.

    2) Home depot. Whats special about home depot in nyc is that they cater to things for small living nyc style. They stock stuff that other Home Depot’s dont specifically for the NYC market. Theres one near bloomingdales and one near the flatiron building. They have some great space saving ideas and tools for closets, under the bed storage, etc….

    3) Room and Board. Its in Soho. Nice stuff.

    If he owns the place let me know and I’ll give you the name of the person who did my closets and such.

  11. HeatherLeigh says:

    well, I heard that they just had a wall put in so he can have a bedroom. I heard that the best thing is to have Ikea deliver. THe HD sounds like it’s a great place to get some stuff. He’s right out of college so he can’t afford nice stuff and closet built-ins. My friend says that what he’ll really enjoy about us being there is someone buying him dinner. I remember being that age. Tha mac and cheese routine gets old.

  12. wine-oh says:

    Ah so his room was probably the living room. Very common in NYC. Yes mac and cheese and ramen noodles get old. I would definitely check out home depot.

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