Marketing the Microsoft India Development Center

I'm pretty fascinated by messaging to different audiences by culture or geography. It's the feeling when you see an international advertisement (by international, I mean non-US...please indulge my American self-involvement for a moment) that makes it a little different than the ads we see here in the US. You can tell immediately that the ad is not aimed at the US market, but sometimes it's hard to describe how you know.

When you work for an international company, you end up seeing different marketing treatments focused on extolling the same product on behalf of the same company being used for different audiences. Where audiences were once isolated by geography and your awareness of marketing messages in India for example may have been limited, the internet removes the geographic barriers (yes, this brilliant bit of info just how many years into popular internet usage? Too obvious?). Case in point: our new website devoted to Microsoft's India Development Center in Hyderabad. It's fun to watch the videos and read the info and compare it to the tone of some of our US based marketing.

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