Who was the first person….

to figure out that this tastes good. Yeah, I think I'll stick with my Peet's where none of their marketing describes the digestive tract of an Indonesian cat.

I'm allergic to cats. Does that matter?

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  1. randall says:

    It’s sort of like the discovery of cheese.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yeah. But I really hope that the cat coffee never becomes as mainstream as cheese. I really think that is something that I could never get accustomed to. It’s kind of like pate and pork. It’s the IDEA that I have an issue with the most. Half of the pleasure of food is what it going through your mind. What would be going through my mind if I were drinking my coffee would ber my friends’ litter box.

    I hope I didn’t open up the door to people that want to tell us a bunch of gross things about stuff we already eat. I mean, we all know about cheese. But I am sure that there’s some things that some of us could live without knowing!

  3. William says:

    Well, its just cat-astrophic.  This is like watching the first 5 weeks (or so) of American Idol… some folks just are riveted to watching train wrecks and the morbid. I, for one, can’t stomach it.

  4. thompson says:

    Who has the job of separating the beans from the poop?

  5. matthew says:

    Is Microsoft hiring droppings collectors? Can I be considered?

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