Fashion at the Office

My friend Marc is on CNN talking about the impact your clothing choices can have on your career.


I don't really appreciate what he has to say about my Strawberry Shortcake tank top and flip flops, but whatever.

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  1. tod hilton says:

    But I like my flip-flops! 🙂 Seriously though, I see this as a definite issue in some industries, whereas others are much more forgiving. For instance here at MSFT, when my corporate VP (not to mention our senior VP of HR, LisaB) wear shorts to work I feel pretty comfortable doing the same thing.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yes, and we have to keep in mind that Marc and CNN live in NYC. Though I will say that I have been to TheLadders office and I’m wracking my brain trying to recall if I saw any flip-flops. It was a casual environment, but I think it was flip-flop free. They kind of made casual work and look stylish without looking too trndy or sloppy. Ah, darn New York. That’s why I like shopping there.

    I think it also depends on what you wear with the flip flops. When you see them at work, sometimes people look like they just rolled out of bed (ew) and sometimes the flip-flops are part of a cute outfit. Sometimes they remind me of reading TheHobbit as a kid. Sasquatch?

  3. wine-oh says:

    Ok on this topic I must share something. Today at work we had a divisional lunch at a nice restaurant. Open bar, served meal for 150 people. The e mail with the directions and such had strict instructions that said it was business casual. The divisional president showed up in jeans and one team wore team tshirts. Shouldnt leaders lead by example? 🙂 No one would send the president home to change, and the team lead of the tshirt brigade is high up there too.

    Oh and flip flops in nyc = bad. Ive had them come off running across the street to make a light. Ive gotten caught in the rain with them. They arent good on the subway. And me, I have fred flintstone toes and dont want to show them to the world. But thats just me.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    wine-oh, I guess it dpeends on your work culture. Maybe we would need tosee the restaurant. At my work, business casual could be construed as jeans and t-shirts (you know, good t-shirts). Our VP spoke at a recruiting conference last year and mentioned that she didn’t wear her regular cargo shorts and polo becasue she didn’t think it would be apprporiate and I remember several of us thinking that she could have really worn it because that is part of her personal brand. But I get that restaurants have dress codes.

    I was thinking the same reason for the aversion to flip flops in NYC. You could step in some pretty funky stuff if your foot slips out. Having said that I am pretty sure that I did wear them when I was there (my good ones, of course). Maybe that is just part of the NY experience. But I wouldn’t want to do it regularly.

    I understand about the FF toes. I don’t have them but I do notice when someone does and is wearing open shoes…can’t help it.

  5. patblue says:

    Thank GOD I work for Microsoft, articles like this one really get me going.  I am all about the flip flops, every day in the summer in fact.  I don’t feel like i have ever been held back due to my casual work attire.   Work attire is a big driver in my work/life happiness.  I go to NYC regularly HH, and I can confirm that you didn’t see any flip flops in The Ladders’ office.  Your description of NYC casual was right on, for some reason I step up and match my belt to my shoes (no ffs) when I travel to our NYC office.  Our senior management actively ‘tried’ to shift our ‘dress for success’ attire theme in our office – didn’t go over so well once the days started hitting 75 degrees ;-).

  6. Dave8403 says:

    Each profession requires different attire at different times.  When a suit and tie are required, shoes/belt need to coordinate as well.  It’s a level of expectation like going to a car dealer showroom your expectation is pristine, detailed cars not seeing a car straight off the street.  I mean would you hire an attorney, CPA, or doctor when they or their staff were dressed in t-shirts, flip-flops?  On the other hand, would you rent a jet ski or hire a boat Capt for a fishing trip dressed in a suit — obviously not unless his shoes and belt matched (:{).

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