As I was writing that last blog post…

this is what was going on over my house

You hear this sound like: fffffffttththhhhhhhhhttttt (got that?) and look up and this big ball of color is floating over your house with arms extended over the side waving. By the time I got the camera out and replaced the batteries, they were on their way, but you get the idea. My neighbors tell me that shortly before I moved here, one landed at the end of my street.

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  1. RJD says:

    I grew up just north of Louisville, KY.  Every year for the Derby, The Great Balloon Race is held, and the balloons used to land in the adjacent farm every year (the whole area is now just a sprawled suburb of Louavull).  It ws always a blast to help pull the balloons down as they deflated, especially being a skinny kid–you’d usually end up swinging on the tethers Tarzan-style as the wind caught the canopies.  Ehrler’s Dairy would hand out coupons for free ice cream if you helped with their balloon.

  2. Bad_Brad says:

    My daughter (3) absolutely LOVES seeing the balloons over head.  We were at the park last night when she saw this one.  Never gets old for her.

  3. MSJ says:

    I saw that while at Marymoor Park. That is where it landed. Reminds me of being a child when my mom and I used to go all over in Iowa and ‘crew’ for different people. I have a few pictures of me being in a basket and holding a rope while a balloon was being inflated. Good memories. 🙂

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yeah, that makes sense that it was going to Marymoor. I think I would be afraid to go in one. I have crappy balance and so the feeling of kind of floating and the idea of toppling over the edge might be too much for me. You are braver than I am!

    Total head case here.

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