And you thought the small-talk conversation at the beginning of your job interview was awkward?

That ain't nothin'.

Recruiters are pretty accustomed to some awkwardness; especially when interviews are supposed to be conversations but sometimes unravel into an uncomfortable list of Q & A with a nervous candidate or one not particularly inclined toward engaging conversation. I was just talking yesterday with a peer about the case of the nervous interviewer. I've been in a couple of these interviews myself; where the person doing the interviewing is more nervous than the person they are interviewing.  It happens. It's a little weird and therefore memorable, but it happens. All kinds of weirdness happens in interviews. All recruiters have stories. Mmm hmm, don't think I am going to share any of those here.

But even I was uncomfortable watching this alone in my home office. How could you not just love Holly Hunter a little bit more after that?

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  1. Bad_Brad says:

    Ouch.  Is it me, or did she mess up two things at the end there … the show premieres July 23, not June 23, and I suspect given that this was an ABC show that they didn’t mean to mention "".

    The interview questions were not terribly interesting either.  She seemed very unprepared.  It kind of reminded me of the Chris Farley Show on Saturday Night Live years ago.  "Remember … when you were in that movie … and you played that character?"  "Yes."  "That was awesome."

    Here’s a link for you to enjoy:

  2. Eric says:

    Boy, "nervous" is an understatement!  She said ""…wasn’t that for ABC News?

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    My question is how did that clip go live? I mean, even if the show is done live, could they not have yanked it due to the fact that it was unbearably bad? Or am I just not understanding how web video works?

    Evidently, there’s some guy in the background screaming when the said NBC nstead of ABC. Was there a telepromter or not? Maybe she could have held her paycheck in front of her when she was reading so she could have gotten "ABC" right. Hmm, or maybe her resume.

  4. Faith says:

    That was painful…that girl is ‘so excited.’

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