Less random than it seems

In the brilliant marketing file, 7 Elevens are being turned into Kwik-e-Marts. I could see where there's significant cross-over between Simpson's viewers and potential 7 Eleven customers (I'm neither by-the-way...I think I bought a diet coke slurpee about 2 years ago). You know, people who eat stuff with lots of orange food coloring and who say stuff like this "Mmmmm, pork chops" (I'm not judging...do your thing). It's totally inspired. Those Simpson's viewers that haven't visited a 7 Eleven lately will want to check it out and pick up some slim jims while they are in there. I do have to admit that one year in college, I think I lived on the 99 cent nachos at 7 Eleven but right now it makes me want to throw up a little...but in a good way. So I have been there (and it coincided with the debut of the Simpsons...damn, I'm old). So I get it.

Anyway, this made me think of a conversation I had last week with someone about secret celebrity crushes. We are all accustomed to seeing supposed "hot" movie stars as marketing vehicles for movies and products. Yeah, I get why people think that Brad Pitt is attractive (though I have to say that I totally don't get Matthew McCaunaghey or however you spell his name), but if I had my choice (and I'm totally expecting this to happen at some point in my life...hah), I'd take Denis Leary. He's my secret celebrity crush.  Probably not your typical choice, but the person I was speaking with told me that hers was Stephen Colbert. It's amazing what a strong response you get when you ask someone about their secret celebrity crush; people are much more diverse and interesting than you would expect. 

The connection between these two things is the understanding of the customer and how their interests may, coincidentally or not, cross over with products and services available. You may not have ever made the connection between 7 Eleven and The Simpsons but now that you think about it, are you wondering why they hadn't thought of it earlier? I'm just wondering when someone is going to figure out that Denis Leary is exactly the right person to be the spokesperson to target the slightly OCD female home owners with a crazy magazine habit, recycling guilt and a collection of pretty much every sauce put out by Williams Sonoma. You hear that Williams Sonoma? Give us some Denis Leary and I'll buy more of your delicious, overpriced barbecue sauce.

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  1. Bad_Brad says:

    There is a Simpsons video game out there (Nintendo had it, not sure if XBox does or not).  In the game, you are a cab driver in Springfield (the town of the Simpsons), and you can choose one of several various vehicles seen in the show, and you drive various characters from the show to various Springfield sites.  A dream game for Simpsons junkies like me.  Anyway, I’m reminded of a line that Apu (of the Simpsons) uses in the Simpsons video game: "Take me to the grocery store.  Their low, low prices make me laugh!"

    Don’t know why this blog entry made me think of that, but it did …

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Because 7-Eleven will be laughing all the way to the bank?

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